Club Minor Football 2017


Na Fianna, Kilmacud, Thomas Davis, Boden won at 16 but look absolutely desperate at the moment, obviously players to come back but they might need 15 of them,


Na Fianna and Thomas Davis look like the pacesetters and Crokes when they get their act togthere will be contenders. Ballyboden look like a shadow of themselves. Olafs have got a few notable results too but it looks like it could be a very open championship.


Na Fianna 1, Kilmacud 2, Thos Davis 3, Boden 4, Lucan 5, Mun 6, Lucan 7, Olafs 8


Na Fianna, Thomas Davis and Crokes look like main contenders. What do people think of proposed new format for championship ? And are there any other contenders ?


What’s the format?


They are proposing either two groups of 4 or 4 groups of 4 for championship


That’s the way it’s been for years? All MFCs are round robin. ‘A’ championship should not be more than two groups of four.


Who do you think the contenders will be ?


But Alan who do you leave out of the A Championship, Div 1 is 10 teams and I am sure Boden and Lucan, currently two bottom teams would want to play A, I am sure they have been affected by county players missing league and by looking at people’s list of contenders it wouldn’t be ideal to put them in the B…they did two groups of 5 last year, would that not be better…ok leaves problems with Fixtures/byes but the fact lads are getting so few games is the issues no…

.or ask people what grading they want?


Two groups of 5. Top team in each group into the semi.
Second place in group A plays third place in group B and vice versa in quarter finals


Full round of fixtures in for Wedneday, same day as Dublin take on Kildare, will these still go ahead or can there be cause for movement?


Well then run with two fives. I just wouldn’t have four fours.


AFAIK with agreement of the opposition they can be moved by up to seven days.


The suggestions sent by County Board were 2 x 4 groups made up of Top 6 in Division 1 and top team from both Division 2 North & South. Or, 4 x 4 groups made up of all 10 Division 1 teams and top 3 from Division 2 North & South.


Just looking at the table, good chance teams might finish on equal points on top, what happens then, is it score difference or play off?


For the league title it’s head to head if two teams finish on the same amount. Score difference otherwise.

Championship grading is a crapshoot.

Four groups of four would be a waste of time. Two fives would be the way to go imho.


Yes I agree on two fives, think it was that last year and worked ok, just slightly long because games every two weeks and then when you have a bye-week you’ve to wait four weeks for a game. What would the makeup of that be? The top teams in Two north and south are pushing for A Championship, but teams like Boden and Lucan are rock bottom of Division 1 and would argue that they’ve lost a lot of players to Dublin so haven’t been taking the league seriously I’d imagine. Anyway should be interesting to see how they do it, seems to be a different format every year!

Wins for Olafs vs Ballymun and Na Fianna vs Boden last night, the rest are on tonight, think the league culminates on Sunday then into Championship after summer once Dublin teams are out.


Who do we think main contenders are now ?


Lucan 0-7 Thomas Davis 7-26

Lucan obviously missing a lot


Or maybe they were just outclassed

Just playing devil’s advocate…