Club Minor Football 2017


League tables from two years ago suggest that definitely Cuala and possibly Olafs would be out of their depth. Can’t go on U16 championship. It’s a one off that clubs often have players for they don’t have at other times.

Cannot really see how this can’t have been an eight team division one. And if a team that thinks it should be there then let them perform in the league and go for the A championship.


Looking at this objectively TD should be in division 1. How did the CCC put them in division 2 when clearly they have been ahead of teams at U14- U15 & U16 that have been put into division 1. Alot of those players would have been apart of the minor team last year I am sure and competed in division 1, not only that, what is the point in putting them in division 2 where they will probably win it and beat some teams with ease, does nothing for TD or the opponents. Unless anyone knows if they lost alot of players or something? Is Paul Nugent still incharge


They have only lost 3or4 players from last year.


Clubs give their opinion on what division they want to be in at Minor each year. Looks to me like they facilitated everyone’s request based on the gradings.
Div 3 has 19 teams 1x10 and 1 x 9
Div 4 has 10 teams
Div.5 has 18 teams.

Master fixture list released only has provisions for 9 league games at minor this year. Finishing up mid July with championship starting Sept 3rd


The crippling fall off after minor will only continue if the best we can do is give lads a guaranteed 12 games in the year.

In my reasonably experienced opinion most clubs, given the chance, will place themselves where they can win rather than where they can compete. I have no idea why this is facilitated at minor.


Its my first year involved at minor and I am amazed at the league structure, the yearly fixture structure and teams not being promoted or relegated rather being placed. Look at that division 5, 2 groups, that’s more competitive that division 4. IMO, all over the shop and needs to be reviewed. I know I know, contact you club delegate etc.


How can minor be graded fairly. Last year’s results are based on performances of many players who are no longer underage. Last year’s under 16s coming through may find it difficult playing against 2nd year minors. Not all minor teams are based on a strong under 16 team of 2 years ago.


Judging by results today looks like Thomas Davis are in div1 after all, they beat syls by 6


Thomas Davis had a very good win. Heard they were missing one of their key players too. Were Thomas Davis good or Sylvesters poor ?


Didn’t see the game, just seen people giving out that they were in div2, just noticed they were moved into div1


Well done boarddelegate! I sincerely hope you are driving around in a Subaru! :clap:


I wish! It’s a bus pass for me I’m afraid😜


Reading the Herald, one player scored 1-5 out of 1-6 , presume he is on the Dublin minor team ?


MFL Div 3 St Marys 8-17, St Peregrines 2-3


MFL Div 1 Thomas Davis 5-21 Ballyboden 0-4


Boden can’t be that bad.


Question on Minor football league DIV 4, there seems to be two Garda teams and one Westmanstown team listed on , just wondering what the story is here, Garda seemed to have played games, not sure if its the website all over the shop or what’s going on, just wondering Garda is a BYE?


MFL Div 3, St Marys 5-13, Round Towers Clondakin 4-7


Na fianna 1-18 Thomas Davis 1-18 good game between 1st and 2nd in div 1


This time of year again, just wondering who you think are main challengers for Minor Club championship this year.