Club Minor Football 2017


Ballyboden St Endas Vs Craobh Chiran on Sunday 12th November at 11am in Ballyboden St Endas clubhouse.


Has on the Dublin GAA site it’s in craobh’s ground ?


yes it got changed at the county board meeting last night. it is in Craobh’s ground in Clonshaugh.


I’d imagine the Ballyboden clubhouse was a bit small to host a minor football game :wink:


it would have been on pum which is the main pitch in Ballyboden St Endas but it has been switched now.


Thomas Davis 1-5, Na Fianna 0-5 at half time


Na Fianna 1-8 , TD 1-7 final score
Late goal won it for na fianna


Congrats to Na Fianna minors - many of whom won the club’s 4th minor hurling title In a row last week - some achievement! 3 down with 5 to play - really dug that out.

Commiserations to Thomas Davis.


St Vincent’s 2-15 st Mary’s 2-7


Looking in as a neutral from the A final id say Davis are devastated they didn’t win today , not knocking that na Fianna side there a class side but we’re second best all game today just Tomas Davis left them in it


St Vincents 2-16 St Mary’s 2-08.

Vinnies in control from the start. Mary’s were game but simply could not match Vincent’s power and pace. Purple patch at the start of the second half sealed the result for the victors but to Mary’s credit they kept fighting till the end.

In fairness most commentators would say that Vincent’s are not a B Championship team. Very sporting game despite both sides getting “stuck into one another”, can’t remember a dirty stroke from either side. Congratulations to St Vincent’s and commiserations to St Mary’s


Spot on there Vincent’s running of the shoulder was superb and had some nifty footballers in fairness. Encouraging for st Mary’s playing in a championship final against teams like Vincent’s and winning the championship the year before against Erin’s isle. Any result on the C final


Well done to na fianna kept going to the end, Davis dominated the whole game, must of had 12 wides 2nd half and two good goal chances, they should of been 7/8 clear going into the last few, one that got away.


TD certainly dominated the last 5 minutes of the first half and the bulk of the second half but were unable to turn the opportunities they created into scores and had a good few wides. When the key opportunities came Na Fianna’s way late in the game they took them.


One of the turning points for me was when Davis were 3/4 points up and through on goal when number 6 came from no where with a superman tackle. One of the best tackles you will ever see, N.a. Fianna went down the other end and got a point.

Na Fianna were by far the better team until TD got the goal before half time. TD owned the ball second but found it difficult to break the line to work scoring chances, resulting in some pot shots from distance.

Always difficult to take loosing a game by point when you lead for most of the game but credit to the winners never gave up.


Na Fianna’s underage juggernaunt keeps churning out A championship wins.

Incredible stuff down in Mobhi Road.

Well done to Vincents winning the B championship, hopefully a few lads can be filtered through to the senior panel now


Jaysus, that was some tackle, agreed one of the best iv ever seen :clap:


Agreed , thought at first it was the number 7 O’dea but either was was a savage challenge


Craobh Chirain beat Ballyboden St Endas in the C championship final by a point. 2 goals and 8 points to 13 points. Cracking game of football. Both teams play really well.


A,B,C all staying Northside