Club football gone mad


but sure Vincent’s have probably spent at least 120k over the last 3 years on their senior team.


Everybody speaks in riddles. Who’s the club? And who’s the director? Ex county or what?

Can’t have a discussion without facts.


Stay out of it South_Dub - this is a North_Dub matter


Malahide lads


Syls so. Anybody we know?

I do think there is a place for having one if he is having and impact from under 10s up.

Not if it’s somebody just to come in a senior level. How would you get your money’s worth u less he’s the coach.


Think both the club and the Dof have both been confirmed in the above thread. It is the club and name that I’ve heard.


If it’s Syls they’ve Talty doing that job now about 2 years at least


I120k over 3 years - I’d guess your figure could we be correct but there’s a difference between sticking it in someone’s back pocket or spending it on all the necessities of getting of winning DSFC twice in 3 years and going far/winning all Ireland.

  • gear
  • S&C
  • physio
  • transport
  • weekends away
  • nutrition
  • video analysis

That said there should always be a balance of spend relative to other areas of a club .

Nobody is disputing the need to spend money but spending large chunk on 1 manager fees when the players aren’t there And it be more sensible to spend money over 4-5 years developing quality of player needed.


From what I m led to believe a lot of mentors are being given made to wait for 3/4 months to get paid what they are owed while huge amount of money spent on Adult Football team . I can understand investing money in club s future but this ??? Not sure if the have a club coach already I just see this as unnecessary waste of money they don’t seem to have? ??


My point is that that’s a huge sum to spend on one team. I’d actually see a director of coaching channelled correctly being beneficial


Are you pulling that €120k figure from the sky or basing it on any information you have?


Careful now lads, I know you haven’t yet but don’t go naming people and figures etc.


When I heard the figure of a certain manager. Let’s say a top eight senior club in Dublin is getting. It’s gone really mad!!


I wonder was it higher or lower than a lad managing a team in Roscommon got?


Well the figures I’ve heard for the senior manager and Dof is not 120k…I’ve heard 50k for the 2.
But when u take in the club coach position,it could well be 120k.


I don’t fly kites. The average spend for the Dublin sfc among the elite - across the board it has to be said is an arms race


What is the average payment ?


That’s probably on a need-to-know basis.