Club championships


I know of two anyway that aren’t from dublin and don’t live here either which is against the rules.


Even seen Nipper Mcnally on the sideline as well


Totally… seems to be an I dependent republic in fox cab.

Nippers young one transferred last year didn’t


She did indeed. Didnt know he was involved though.


It looks like the FoxCab “management team” is the same as the DCU “management team” that won the O’Connor Cup this year. Maureen King (former chair of Dublin LGFA) is also involved to “help players find a balance between their work, football and personal lives”. Keep an eye out for more DCU players putting on the FoxCab jersey in the coming seasons.


There are a large number of fixtures outstanding for adult div 1. I wonder what is the plan to play them off. Also how many teams are relegated and promoted from div1/div2. The outstanding fixtures will have to be played to decide who gets relegated. That’s a lot of fixtures to get through before start of new season. It’s very messy


Not sure what the plan is in terms of getting the games played off but the bottom team in division 1 should be relegated with the second from bottom playing a relegation/promotion play off with the team second in division 2.

I think all of these relegation/promotion play offs in the lower leagues have been played.


The madness continues.

Two or three months since any of these teams have played - it will be hard going to get a window to play these games, as Dublin management will be reluctant as ever to free up girls to train and play with NFL starting in Feb - also a lot of players likely to be tied up with College competition coming to a head.


Some clubs played all there games last year . So it’s really the clubs fault in question at this point .


6 Of the 8 games outstanding in Division 1 and 2, involve teams that represented Dublin in the Leinster and All-Ireland series so its hard to place blame on those clubs. I assume that would’ve been expected by the county board


Extra games is the price of success. A laid back attitude is the reason division 1 is in the current situation. Some clubs are too quick to call or move games .


Cannot just point finger at clubs.

County board threw the agreed fixture calendar out the window for league and championship following intervention by the county team - the revised calendar had three rounds of leagues matches in September which then obviously clashed with county AI semi / finals so the whole schedule collapsed.