Club championships


It’s not a love story??? :thinking:


Clontarf had a big win on the road today vs Galway champions to progress to the final.

Foxcab beat Donaghmoyne with a last minute goal to get to Senior final vs Mourneabbey. A renewal of the Dublin/Cork rivalry.

Be great if the finals could be played as part of double header…


Parnell park on 8th December


Best of Luck to both Fox-Cab and Clontarf this evening. Expect Clontarf to win Foxcab is a tougher one to call.


I see both games are on Tg4 too .

Not a lot between Foxrock and Mourneabby I’d imagine @tallabob ?


Foxcab weakness imo over last few years was a lack of goalkeeper . Playing or being able to play a forward in goal that would get into every other club team in Dublin . They rectified that problem when a mayo intercounty keeper somehow moved into there “ catchment” area!
With the players that foxrock have produced and the players that they have brought in ( strange how you rarely see an average junior player join from down the country ) they should have won an All Ireland by now . Think they will win today as Mourneabby will have similar doubts .
An issue that has to be looked at is the imports coming into Dublin football . Rumored to be 2 more going to a north side club that will put them right into the top bracket.


Yea I think they solved the goalkeeping issue with addition of Aisling Tarpey. Still think if Mourneabbey can tie up Amy Connolly and Amy RIng Foxcab will struggle to get the scores. Mourneabby have a number of dangerous forwards. Very tight to call but maybe this year or bust for Foxcab.

Re Outside players. Don’t really think there is much can be done to curb it. Happens at all levels and grades with players coming to Dublin for work/college.


Foxcab will have county players from Laois , Westmeath, mayo , Kerry , Wicklow all starting today .
Take into account the 8 girls on the Dublin co panel and 5 county minors they should be winning all Ireland’s but it’s not eazy even with the resources they have


Foxrock absolutely awful thus far , surprised how poor they have been , conditions not great mind , Mourneabbey very resourceful at getting scores , able to get them much easier than Foxrock .

Peno for the abbey now .


Plenty can be done when they have players playing that don’t live in the county let alone in the area.

They are playing with a gale and an extra player and still persist in handpassing , beggars belief the tactics


The final score line does not reflect the dominance of mourn abbey in that game .
Top class performances all over the pitch
A lot of soul searching in foxcab tonight


A lot of soul searching across many counties you mean …


Quite the showing from Siobhán Kileen and Clontarf here. They look like an excellent senior side already. I wonder could Kileen make a big splash next year if she sticks with the football.

Hard to tell whether FoxCab were flat, or pinned in and not let play. Well earned by Mourneabbey either way. I wouldn’t know which O’Sullivan to praise most!


Heres the link to the match.


Clontarf were ruthless … felt sorry for Emmets.


Clontarf completely annihialted Emmet Og’s and finished strong. I think thay got 4 goals in the last 15 minutes.


CT my bollox!


Who is living outside the county.

Your man Ring seems to be the classic authoritarian manager who ruins ladies football. Devoid of basic tactical awareness with the storm behind them anyways… put it this way don’t see any senior men’s club looking for him


Peter Clarke is the manager really not Pat Ring.


That’s Clarke that dublin sacked years back is it, the Mayo lad…

What’s tanking fox cab to pay for him, and Angie McNally previously…