Club championships


Seem to have a large management team as well,


Especially when some don’t even live in the county :see_no_evil:




All the recruits also means five inter county minors waiting on the sideline too - can’t see many other Dublin teams being able to ignore that talent


With some of them transferring to the club to !


7 staters from outside Dublin plus the first two subs they brought on. Seriously experienced team. Of the 20 players they used last night 17 are current or former adult inter county players. Plus the 5 County Minors and two U17s from this year that didn’t feature at all.


Surely, or should that be Shirley, you have to live in the county to play with a club in the county…or have played in that county before moving to another county?


Or you just use a different address to the one you actually live at :wink:


That doesn’t sound like much of a club team at all, would many of those players be studying in UCD which might explain how they all end up playing at Fox Cab ??


What would the reaction be if a men’s team replicated this set up . I know some will say it has been done in the past … but to this level ?


Easy win last week for Clontarf in intermediate Leinster Championship
Easy win this week for Foxcab in Senior Leinster Championship

I expect both sides will go close to winning All Ireland’s at both grades.


Good observation and I believe that one of the many gripes down in Mayo ladies football is the amount of imports to carnacon ladies. A good few never originated with the club and the overall strength makes them very hard to beat locally.

Don’t know how true it is but was told there is no real parish rule enforced in much of ladies club football as some clubs don’t have senior/adult teams.


There is no parish rule in Dublin GAA as such anyway, but the problem within the ladies GAA is that there was/is no need to show any connection to an area to transfer to any particular team. I witnessed two transfers at a county board meeting one night where to girls transferring into the county gave addresses on one side of the city yet were looking transfers to a club way over the other side of Dublin. (not Fox/Cab by the way). Because this is allowed it encourages players to look to transfer to the best clubs as opposed to the closest ones.


You’d expect foxrock to get it right this year . Playing a forward in goal for the last two year has done them when the best 2/3 teams in Ireland have put it up to them . They could put a mannequin in goal in Dublin games and not concede . But with an intercounty keeper there now it would be expected that the final piece has been found so to say .
Inter Clontarf should win it but a team could come from anywhere to upset the odds . If Sarah Mc was available I’d definitely back them


All 3 Dublin Champions into Leinster Finals. Well done to all involved


Judes won their first ever Camogie Senior A title AET today after an epic battle with Na Fianna The second team also won the junior championship in the curtain raiser. Both teams coached by current senior hurlers.
Fantastic day for the club.


Living down that way and at about 7PM a convoy of I’d say at least 30 - 40 cars went driving past the house beeping the horns with people hanging out of the car windows etc! Great you see, was like something from Italia 90!!!

Congratulations to Judes!


Well done Judes.


Fox-Cab and Clontarf won Leinster Senior and Intermediate respectively this weekend. Well done to both. Castleknock didn’t quite complete the clean sweep with the Junior final going to a replay next weekend.


Love stories like this one