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This lad is sorted :joy:

RahoonSean says:
September 16, 2017 at 9:13 am
As a Claremorris man living in Galway city since 1975 no one has any doubt for where I’m from,the Greey & Red has being hanging out my window many’s the year now. I also put out the Maroon & White (only for the HURLERS mind!).

Ticket sorted- check
Bus booked – check
Rendezvous with old friends sorted – check
Porter money sorted – check
Train return sorted – check
Trip to Claremorris/Castlebar/more porter money on Monday sorted – check

To everyone involved in Mayo football down through the years, but especially to this great bunch I thank you all very much. You have made my transition across the border quit enjoyable. Now for the icing on the cake…HAMMER THE DUBS…



Joe Rock Junior doing it now. 1st cousin of Barney


Yeah thats the lad. Wasn’t sure. Great to see that tradition carried on. Saw Joe Jnr in an interview and came across as a real gentleman.


Dave says:

September 16, 2017 at 11:43 pm

I won’t wish dublin luck. They have enough other advantages. I do hope all fans have a nice day out and that the referee/ linesmen/ umpires do a proper job and aren’t afraid to act if they see stuff.
My final thoughts and post before the game is I hope Connolly and o gara are on the pitch for the final whistle and Mayo deliver on their ability and blow the jackeens away. It might suit dublin to lose tomorrow, it’ll allow them another year or two before the split happens.

:joy: Hi Dave…Dubs by 4…at least x


Will Cooper and McMahon give Moran and O Connor the freedom of
Croke Park and stand back from them like our ’ so called markers ’ ?
To coin a phrase ’ will they f… .
True the Dubs have not been tested this year in the race for Sam but
Mayo have and look at the quality of the teams that tried them including
Kerry . What would the Dubs do to those teams … ?
Dubs made Tyrone look woeful - a Tyrone team that was grossly overrated

  • if not then pity Mayo today - and Mayo made our team look like ’ little
    boys lost ’ so the Final is contested by the two best teams . We don’t want
    the Dubs to win from a purely selfish point of view - a three in a row leads
    to a real possibility of a four in a row and a not improbable five in a row .
    But asking/expecting Mayo to stop these Dubs is a bridge too far . The
    Dubs to copper fasten their greatness and in doing so to confirm Mayo’s
    perennial losers tag .

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Hope they never win it to be honest


I was surrounded by Mayo people and not a problem. Some were in tears after. We have plenty of gobshites of our own. In my experience Mayo have more supporters of the variety of the lads on here than yahoos.


That kind of wankfest post quoted above is pure nonsense. The poor me shite. Get fucked.

It’s not reflective of most Mayo fans I wager.


Surrounded by Mayo folks as well and they where very gracious in defeat. Felt sorry for them, genuinely did. It means the world to them. They just want to win. I hope they win an AI not at our expense. Love to see them hammer Kerry out of it in AI final.


Poor oul Dave is st it again:smirk: I must have been sitting beside the most disgusting woman ever to come out of Mayo. Truly appaling what she was saying. On the other side of me a gent of a man from Breaffy. You couldn’t help but feel for him. Her…well it makes our win so much sweeter…saccharin sweet actually!

While you’re at it don’t forget how good they are at eye gouging and punching opponents with short movement of the hand. Also don’t forget to thank the gaa for the funding which is 10 times what Mayo receive per player and while you’re at it thank Subaru for the free cars, are lingus for the flights, the food companies for the food and the clothing firm for the lovely clothes.
I don’t congratulate dublin, I did congratulate donegal and kerry, but never this disgusting behemoth. Are you really that blind? Can you not see what’s going on?
I’ll give you a hint, Leinster Championship.
Respect is earned, not bought


Ah Ben wil you stop posting that schoolboy sh1t


This is the thread for it is it not? Don’t go into The thread if you dont want to read it!


I have to say I don’t think it’s OK to call anyone that. They are just following their county like ourselves. I’m not being the holy Joe about it but I just think this crosses a line.


Apologies badly chosen word. Just pisses me off seeing ignorant crap like that.


It’s a Talk Talk album cover , was wondering where I saw your avatar before!


i see he complaining about Imelda may singing…

donmt know about the singing but she is in serioulsy good nick


The Colour of Spring.


Its gas here some wanting us to rise above this shit by not posting what others are saying about us . The abuse we get online from outside the county is scandalous & we are supposed to just sit back & take it .■■■■ that , sow it into them that the dust has settled . We had long enough when they laughed & pitied us .These days dont come around that often .
I enjoy reading each & every bitter tale from out West .


You’ll enjoy this one so!


Wolly didn’t spend too much time talking about GPS incident , said he has no problem with anyone cheating to win .And that bit about cheating are not my words .