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Not one mention of a Mammy, though.


But We KNOW your aido daires are a piss take ,lads on that site its just a stream of consciousness , posters trying to outdo each other with hyperactive pledging of love for all things mayo .


No offence taken at all here. Just not very funny imo.


And all things willie joe.


That mayogaablog Pure unadulterated Shi-ite , what’s the capital punishment for reading North Korean doctrine,

Two week all expenses paid holiday to a North Korean work camp 17 , with a excursion to a undisclosed location to experience the joys of sharpening the tips of intercontinental ballistic medium range missiles

we are … doomed !!!

On the home front , “Dublin Joe” rang me today looking to take 2" off the bottom of his front door , doesn’t accept envelopes anymore, just FedEx parcels !!

trivia, how many €50 note can you fit in this FedEx parcel IMG_1126


Hah ! Looks like a scene from Narcos or Breaking Bad…


That mayoblog story is harmless, But the aido diarys are told with a bit more whimsy and affection.


What more do you expect from Aido himself?


Revellino says:

September 13, 2017 at 5:57 pm

Gavins key strategy is win the game is with the bench. He’s done it for the past number of years and this year and will be planning to do it Sunday.

Go at them from the start. Rattle them. Force Gavin in to making early substitutions and there is his master plan up in smoke.

Let’s show dublin sunday who the best team in the country really are.

I believe we are a better team than dublin and I hope mayo are sent out on sunday to play football and I mean to play real attacking football and not some strategy of following dublin players around the pitch. Let them follow us around the pitch. I do believe we are that good.

Isn’t this what they have done in the past. Go at us from the start?


There’s an element of truth in there.

We haven’t yet been forced to go to the bench early because we’re taking a hiding.


Even if we were taking a hiding, we wouldn’t necessarily look to the bench. 5 points down before half-time against Kerry last year, that’s about as taking a hiding as you are going to get.

No panic, pull it back, keep to the process.


What’s the process?


There is a big book that Jim Gavin keeps with him at all times, called “The Process”.

What everyone doesn’t know is that all the pages are blank, except the first, on which are written the words “Don’t Panic”.


The line let’s show dublin who the best team in the country are. I’ve just touched cloth I laughed that hard. A truly demented ■■■■ that lad!


“Let’s show Dublin who the best team in the country really are”




As bout as funny as a burning orphanage


What did I tell you all???:joy:


Mayo get loads of space on Sunday.


Gotta love one persons reply on the RTE sport comments section who said ’ Mayo have one thing Jesus had when he spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert… Hunger’ :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: