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I am a bit confused !!! They haven’t lost All Ireland’s ? Losing against a magnificent team becomes habit. As long as that’s the mentality in Mayo it will keep happening.


I never said they where finished… just commented on the Mayoblog.


We of course have lost All Ireland’s and nobody in Mayo is happy about that. Have the team collapsed and thrown in the towel in any of those finals against Dublin? No.

Could we have won one…yes. Have we lost to the better team on each occasion…well sadly from our point of view that’s also a yes.


I can’t see you winning anything with this current group of players


Ah come on. That’s harsh. Same could be said about the dubs early 90s before getting over the line.

All you ask is that your team leaves it all on the pitch. Mayo teams in recent years have done that.

Write them off now if you wish, but despite not bringing in new forwards they’ll still go close again.


That group of players are actually over achieving in getting so near to us.


Not harsh but true, the discussion is about Mayo and is current.


Mayo have an excellent record in Croke Park, Galway last won there in 2001.


18-16 v Kildare just over a year ago … lifting silverware in the process … :wink:


Ahh yes I forgot, they won once in 17 years in Croke Park. A division 2 title is a tin cup, Mayo don’t do division 2 :wink:


Indeed … they took a number of steps this year to preserve that …


Just like Con :wink:


Con only took 7


7 twice (14).


No that’s still 7 - advantage too when fellas are reefing out of you. Fair play to Kevin Mc - 13 steps and nobody near him.

Do ye have a video analyst down there that parses every Dublin play?


I don’t blame either Con nor Kevin. They both did what they had too.


Blame them? I would have thought the ref not calling 13 steps should be blamed.


This 13 stepititis is catching. Poor oul Kevin Mclaughlin got a bad dose of it up in ballybofey. I hope he is ok after all those steps. They can be very bad for your health.


Somebody actually went to the effort of putting that together :laughing:


I call that dedication.