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Meanwhile over in Mordor…OBSESSED!! Hi Dave *waves

Dave says:

March 25, 2018 at 5:29 pm

A hearty well done to Mayo. Some courage to take those shots near the end and donegal must be kicking themselves.
Great to see dublin lose a game too, some of them were delighted that Mayo were relegated today, only that they stopped listening for those final seconds.

I hope joe didn’t leave early today.


Fucking hell :joy:

You’d think it was an AI final we lost not a dead rubber with a mixture of a 1st XV and 2 XV playing


That guy finds a way of bringing Dublin into everything!! No mention of them hauling down the Donegal lads in the last few minutes after all the whingeing they did about us. Pfffft!!


Dave should stay away from the Dublin Facebook fan pages and go to matches instead.


Ah come on? Plenty here I’m sure we’re rooting for Donegal today. One poster on the blog posts that he is happy with Dublin loosing…so what?

Good luck in the league final


I know! That’s why I said Dave said it! He is obsessed.


With Donegal leading by a point paddy mcbrearty goes for a point but instead of either kicking tbe point or at least it goes wide ,he kicks it straight into clarke who starts the move which lead to mayo leveling up the game.


Couldn’t understand Donegal playing negative keep ball possession when only 2/3 points ahead.

We were out of the game and hey didn’t push on and try and finish us. We then pushed on and got the draw.

Had a few bad wife’s ourswlves and Moran’s missed goal chance in the first half. Pleasing to see Conor Loftus step up to the plate…he kicked frees that Cillian would miss in his current form.


At least divorce is legal now …


A few bad wife’s? Hmmm so that’s how you do over west side…




Congrats Mayoman, you remain wedded to Div 1 football. When’s the anniversary celebs?


Judging be some of the carry on of my work colleagues this morning it appears a lot of counties won the All Ireland yesterday. Congratulations one and all


Whats seldom is wonderful. When we actually loose an All Ireland expect everyone outside of Dublin go on an extended Holiday.


That’s why I’d be happier if we got beaten in a semi , which I hope doesn’t happen either .
Tbh , I felt the same about Kilkenny in the hurling . I was delighted when they’d lose an AI or get knocked out . Just purely because it gave someone else a chance to win it .
We are in that category now in regards to everyone else . That’s probably why '11 was special ,WE were the team to take out the top team & it was generally well received in the rest of the country.


Mayo won and Meath won - almost the perfect weekend only for Tyrone beating the KotF.


A fine example of blinkerism in room 66 after yesterday’s match regarding the number of steps taken for the equalizing point…

“ I don’t care how many steps he took!!! And here is a clip of Dublin lads taking too many steps!!!”

Well, you know the phrase about two wrongs not making a right? And if you’re ok with McLoughlin taking too many steps it’s a tad hypocritical to complain about others…

See also: cynical fouling at the end, mayo.


Mayo lauded for it , us slaughtered for it . Go figure


I don’t mind that so much from “neutrals” it’s when you see supporters saying we are bastards for doing it and lauding their team for it in the exact same sentence that the space time continuum gets very bendy indeed…


I think ‘distortion reality’ is more fitting for them mayo fans. Christ the narrative is in full swing in support of mayo.