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Pebblesmeller says:
February 16, 2018 at 12:36 pm
A straight red is an automatic 1 game ban so there is nothing new in Cillians suspension. Regarding that incident with Cillian, Kerin knew exactly what he was doing, i.e. running across the front of Cillian to slow him down from taking the line ball. Kerin knew what he was at and got what he deserved. I’m not saying it is right, and Cillian deserves his red card and 1 game ban, but I’m still glad he did it.
To be honest, I would gladly contribute to a “Fine Fund” to help pay these fines. When our players are not going to get protection from incompetent refs and resort to “protecting” themselves and dealing with these incidents themselves, then I will set-up a direct debit this minute. As for McEntee, fair play to him. Like Cillian and Diarmuid, I hope he does likewise again.
Mayo have to lay out a marker to all comers, if you are going to come for us with that attitude then you better expect to be on the receiving end of serious hits. fk em all. fk the refs and the GAA also. We have waited long enough this year alone for the refs/linesmen/umpires to do their jobs (our opponents have 6 reds in 3 league games against us so far with one of our players having to get his jaw rewired) and it is well past time we stood up for ourselves.
On May 13th I hope to Christ Mayo wait in the tunnel outside the Galway dressing room and set a f**king marker down there and then. No refs, no cameras, no sly digs. Just man on man. As Kieran McGeaney once said, “you wanna fight, we’ll fight. Ya wanna play football, we’ll play football”.


If ever there was a collection of the bizarre, bewildered & just bleedin bonkers it’s the barmy,world of weird Willy Joe and his b… blog!

Ran out of adjectives beginning with b at the end there! :upside_down_face:


lord lantern jaysus. We should simply pity the fools.


They can’t even get that fucking right :laughing:
“If you wanna box, say you wanna box and we’ll box. If you wanna play football, say you wanna play football and we’ll play football.”


I posted on it a few times - decided like one of them jehovahs who call to my gaff I would convert the infidel to the ways of common sense. I got banned for being too rational plus they probably smelled the dub off of me. Still great craic bar willie joe the boring hoor.


A Fine Fund! :laughing:


A find this alot with culchie posters. It’s like all out war before a game , battle crys , send out the fifth infantry bullshit . Every single time before a game . Life or death . I can only assume it’s how they reared .Proper seige mentality , like that speech Paidi gave at a training session for Westmeath .
If I’ve heard it once , I’ve heard it a thousand times . Must not be sinking in with the Mayo lads , they always seem to surrender in the end …


A lot better than giving up at the start though.


I think we should let them win. These comments are too much


Meanwhile in WJ land paranoia is the order of the day as the big bold Dub that is Whelan dared to comment on the people’s champions. Revelino is trying too hard with his Aidos diary type posts. Cringe! Dave is still the angriest man in the land…after Colm Boyle of course…ditto Leantimes. Makes for amusing reading on this snowy morning! Stay warm my fellow Dubs.


I saw that about whelos talking about the warm weather on the podcast. WJ doesn’t like being out of the loop. Maybe that is why he has such a fatwa on injury rumours…


Revelino, WJ right hand man. Revelino should stick to ranting than trying to emulate Aidos diary. God love them thats all I’ll keep saying.


There is another specimen there calling for digs into rocks kidneys. That’s three posters so far on the blog which went into meltdown on the Kerry match calling for assaults on him and nay a batted eyelid from WJ.

That winning point must be seared deep into their minds.



They seem to be obsessed with the term ‘not bending the Knee’ I’d actually swear that blog is more like a cult and WJ the high priest.



I’ve said it before , they view these games as like going to war .


Pity they’ve a squad full of pacifists :grinning:


Speaking of Dean Rock I see he was going above and beyond using his influence to acquire suitable vehicles so Stewart’s Care could continue to function in this weather. I also notice there was one or two snide comments on his Twitter from our friends out west about it. Incredible really. Fair play Dean. A true gentleman. A role model to all young Dubs.


I hope the 4x4’s had a suitable GPS but if not maybe those westerners could lone him one😉


I’m sure if he asked, they’d throw one his way. Maybe he wouldn’t even need to ask…