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What about the clown (kildare gaa man it seems) who teeeted it ? Gobshite is getting away with it , surely he should cop some flak !


he’s online but looks like he deleted the tweet .




Good man Bryan.

Throw up all the Fr Ted, Airplane, Apres Match, Pulp Fiction, Anchorman & Simpsons quotes, Gifs & memes in the world.

We’ll even wait if you want to root around for some vintage Partridge, or Two Ronnie’s sketches. That’ll be very impressive.

It won’t change peoples opinion of you, or your tweet about Cooper, one single jot.

Or did you post it “by mistake” too?

Fierce clumsy folk down there in Kildare, aren’t there?

Should we all pitch in & get them some flexibility training for their thumbs or something? It’s the least we could do.


The guy is clearly taking the piss. He is not apologising or attempting to apologise. He is making a laugh of it and basically saying f*** you all. Class - like his compadre.

You’d wonder where all the hate in Kildare comes from seeing as there is no real rivalry as they have little or no success or tradition in the game. You don’t get that kind of thing from similar counties like Louth or Carlow or Wicklow. Sad really. At least there’s loads of sheep on the Curragh.


You’d worry for the poor sheep, given how clumsy they are with their fingers, wouldn’t you?


I see the other fella liked the above as well which sums him up really and also makes it quite clear that his like of the disgusting initial tweet was no mistake whatsoever. Pair of disgusting individuals.


You are shitting me? After all his protestations…


Needs to be pulled up on this as well after his bs I hit like by accident. Ignorant prick


There for all to see lads though he may unlike it very quickly …


Ewan has everyone fishing here , top notch trolling .


People will paste and quote his like on that tweet when he tweets something anti dublin

That’s the good thing

If I was a dub who reads his crap I’d keep on pasting that image back to him every time he posts


I’m sure they will , but if his trolling was bad before , it will be off the scale now .And I’d say he liked that second tweet just to wind us up , even more .
Mission accomplished.


I tweeted him and have his reply before he ( weirdly) deleted it - ill post it tomorrow


Wow. I mean just wow. Look at some of the comments.

Incredible. One lad has suggested it may have being accidental and is now banned.


Can we get a look now?


Jaysus that WilieJoe fella is one fcuking clown. Makes me see the mods here in a whole new light.


He’s letting stuff like Kerry being called a “young shower of scum” and some really nasty comments about the ref go but if you suggest Shanahan may not have done it intentionally you’re turfed. Something else.


Tom Brett has an excellent article on this weeks Western People about last years All Ireland Final and again about the complete incompetence of the officials on that day and the complete need for video refereeing.


There’s talk of boycotting the GAA, petitions being signed, criminal convictions for assault. It’s like one flew over the cuckoo’s nest over there.