Clickety Click - Room 66


Agree, the clicked that like button with glee. The cunning stunt.


And that is also very true. Loves the conflict. Makes him relevant otherwise he would only be pay for play hack with a shitty looking cowboy hat with a dog for company.


Might need a few airbus A380’s in Dublin airport pronto. See hill 16 army are onto the poisoned Lillie, if he or those he is in the pay of have any sense a very large and abject apology needed promptly. Nobody buying the finger mistake bull.


If they serve one purpose and it is to highlight what McKenna did re that tweet, they will have done their job.


so long as they dont defame him in the process and get shut down. if i was berry i’d be reading every post with the edit buttion at hand.



Go on, da Vinnie!!!


he is getting some stick! Though some of the stuff been said at him is just stupid. Call him out for sure, don’t let this slide, but jaysus leave the abuse aside. Only gives him ammunition to stereotype.


He is some smart arse though, has a come back for everything. Have to say, until this I have never read anything by him before this, but by jaysus his hatred of Dublin is pathetic. He meant to like that tweet, then went ah ballix. Now he is saying he put his hands up by saying he liked and unliked it straight away


he is lying through his hoop. Only thing I say is keep going at him but don’t give him the opportunity to make counter accusations of abuse. he is getting a lot of flak. Surpised cabbage head hasn’t jumped to defend his honour, I see ciaran cunningham has. Although Ciaran seems BFF with the idiot.


The only thing that will come of this is that he will be more selective about liking or retweeting tweets. But reading his responces so far he doesn’t really give a ■■■■ about the backlash because it is mainly from Dublin fans .Who he pretty much doesn’t give a toss about their opinions anyway .
What he will get bombarded with in the future is any tweets about diving / simulation with other players .


He’s going to start playing the victim card now, and how a “simple mistake” got him loads of abuse online from Dem 'orrible Dubs fans, blah blah blah…

He couldn’t have written a better script for himself and his ascension into martyrdom in the good fight against the crooked world of Dublin GAA. Cue OTB/Indo doing bits on online abuse and here’s our poor victim Mr. E (we have to change his voice to protect him from the Hill 16 Army Fatwah)


Exactly , it’s just fueling the fire for him . He has changed the narrative from him liking the tweet to HIM been abused online . No flies on that lad…


I know and thats what i am saying, don’t abuse him, challenge him. Cant play the martyr is no one giving him abuse.


Damage is already done .


Of course he did.

He was already posting bitchy tweets of his own about Jonny Cooper, but we are supposed to think his liking an even nastier one, was an accident?

Come on now !

Yet he is the one insulting our IQ’s? :roll_eyes:


I’m out of this, not assisting him any further with his persecution complex.


And what about Ewan?


He’s already spun the incident around in his favour , that is what I was getting at . The more abuse people throw at him the stronger his case gets .


I dont see to many people endorsing his views on this apart from his BFF Delaney.Cunningham tweeted but didnt support him no other journo has given him any support on this.