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It wasn’t a mistake though. He agreed with the sentiment. That’s how he feels on the matter. He would do well to delete his Twitter account tbh. This could and should turn very uncomfortable for him


Heh , we all make mistakes , I’m sure you made a mistake in your comments about Liverpool fans .


You think he agreed about wanting Cooper stabbed ?


Why would he do that . He’s in Brazil . Apart from getting his articles published it’s his only outlet . He’d have no job without twitter .


I absolutely believe he agreed with the sentiment that he deserved to be stabbed, yes. He has an unhealthy hatred of Dublin. I’m not sure why this level of vitriol from him would surprise anyone.


We’ll have to disagree on this one then .


If it was a genuine error he would make it very clear that he in no way condones any part of that tweet he liked and he would apologise sincerely to Jonny if he took it up that way but no, his first reaction is to attack people who pull him up on it.


He explained it here .
I’d normally be all over this shit but I think he knows he fucked up over this & that he was caught liking the tweet . He " liked " the first part , then realized the second part was terrible & unliked it .


You’re giving him far too much credit there imo. His attempts at back tracking are embarrassing and making it even worse. I’m not buying it at all


Yes I am giving him too much credit because in this instance I believe he made a mistake , very unlike him as everything he does is in a very calculated way . He got called out for a tweet that he probably thought would go by without any notice & repercussions. He’ll not do anything like that again , that’s for sure .



I accidently sent a link of that tweet to Matt Cooper. And the Today Show…oh and Off The Ball too, asking for their thoughts on what their regular contributor gets up to on Twitter.

Gosh. How silly of me.

Oh well…honest mistake…sure it could happen to a bishop. :wink::wink::wink:


Do keep us posted how that works out :laughing:


Roger Clarence. :smile:


He has form, see his tweet that he later deleted right after the final whistle in last years AIF.

Bitter little tube that he is.


and accusing the GAA of match fixing using his kildare forum persona in or around the same timframe as this tweet.


Big difference with that tweet .
Yes he hates us .
Yes he’s happy if we lose .
Yes he’s trying to diminish our wins .

Not for a second do I believe he agrees with the reasoning for Cooper getting stabbed . Because he would know the blowback because of it & how it could be construed .
He’d never allow something like that detail his crusade. He fucked up , royally . And he knows it .


Well, he has unliked it and said he would never condone such a thing so we should probably draw a line under it.


I believe he meant it. Very poor error of judgement by him. He is obsessed with Dublin and has strong hatred of Dublin GAA. Deranged individual who would indeed like tweets from individuals similar to himself with hatred of all things Dublin.

He absolutely should get called out on this by those that employ him but he won’t be because it suits their agenda re Dublin.


His record speaks for itself. He knew what he was doing and he meant it.


He’ll be sitting in his bat cave in Brazil with a big smug self satisfied grin with the amount of attention he is getting over it. That’s what keeps him going, he loves a fight.