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Same old sh1te on that site all the time particularly from the sad, pathetic Mayo contingent. Attention seeking bull!


this lad gone into meltdown on gaaboard :joy::joy:

From the Bunker

Believe what you like. It’s been about Croke Park and Dublin for the last 15 years!

Its kinda sad when Dublin have to play all their games at home. Can you imagine any other sport giving credit to a team and it’s support with such an advantage of playing all their games at home! That coupled with all the MONEY! You own the MEDIA so they won’t say anything because they are afraid you won’t buy your papers and they won’t listen to your Radio stations.

Dublin will have it all to themselves pretty soon. Should be great fun being a Dublin supporter in Croke Park with little or no rival fans. With all your Money you could do what North Korea do and hire some fans.

Gaelic football at inter-county is a mess. People outside the Pale are walking away!


They’re still whinging :joy:


hold on - these posts are being made in december???

I assume its because of the sports council grants to clubs etc?

bonkers stuff.



it’ll be fantastic.

why? we only want our fans there.

watching Dublin north -v- Dublin South in the final.


Had this very same discussion bar stooling it Saturday night .We went through the panel of the final and I think we worked it out 11 Northside , 10 southside , or something close to that . Then we said that it would give each side an opportunity to select players who might just be on the periphery to add to each panel . It could certainly be done but the bench would be of lesser quality.


laochra Gael repeating Glenn Ryan episode tonight. Beating the flourbags has been devoid of any type of pleasure in recent years due to their crapness . Watching the bit about the 2000 final replay however has renewed my appetite to see them getting another hammering when they come to Croker for the opening league game.


I recently watched the highlights on YouTube of the 98 all ireland semi Kildare v Kerry. (sad I know!) Kerry had a perfectly good goal disallowed for square ball, and Kildare scraped over the line. The hill was packed with flour bags!


Good man Spewen :joy::joy:


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PostSubject: Re: Kildare v Dublin Yesterday at 7:49 am
PS Don’t think bad result in terms of survival. Lose agonisingly in that, still no points on board, and no chip on shoulder in what is a relegation four-pointer at home to Monaghan. We will now win that. That game brings us back to fair competition.

But as I say and don’t overlook this, don’t look at mistakes in isolation. Yeovil players in League Two wouldn’t on weekly basis make mistakes they did against Manchester United. But it can’t be just about that moment, it’s about better players building pressure that cause mistakes you don’t make normally. And we all know why Dublin have better players.

For decades Dublin beat us fair and square, that is no longer the case. You really think all these underage players that we do our absolute utmost with to point other pro sports want them just f**k up mentally against Dublin? And then the next batch too? Nah lads. This is a joke and to keep pretending otherwise is helping the great GAA heist. Didn’t renew my GAAGO this year, watched on stream as I will all year as not contributing to match-fixing.


Sounds like him alright , I read in one of tweets before about not paying for GAAGO .


Thats right. He refuses to pay for it now. Well I hope his mobdro of Kodi or what ever he using goes tits up on him.


So he has accused the GAA and the DCB of match-fixing? That’s a very serious allegation to be making. One that maybe the outlets that give him his platform might be interested in hearing as well as like of a tweet that suggests Cooper deserved to nearly have his life taken


Sadly they won’t care. He’s a click bait magnet for them, neither the tabloid radio nor red tops that he writes for will give a toss.


He’s actually doing what they want him to do . The more outrageous the better . Unless it is something really egregious they’ll keep pedalling his articles.


Like agreeing with the suggestion that a player might have deserved to nearly have his life taken from him?


I’m going to play devils advocate here & say he was agreeing with the first part of the tweet . He fucked up though because the last part hung him out to dry .
It’s good to know that he is capable of slipping up too because that kind of stuff can come back & bite ya in the ass .


His mask is slipping all the time, but yet he’s still getting paid by the article by these outlets.

Hoisted with his own petard.

If these media outlets had the standards that they hold everyone else to he would be a pariah by now.


No, sorry but there’s no excusing it. The tweet was a disgrace as was MacKenna agreeing with it


I agree it was bad . And he only unliked it when it was highlighted . He didn’t write the tweet so most of the ire should be directed at the person who did.
A sloppy mistake on Ewan’s behalf which I’m surprised he made . Hopefully people who respond to him bring it up again just to knock him off his pedestal.


It was no mistake at all.