Clickety Click - Room 66


Shouldn’t be too hard , how many mayo folk are involved up there .


True just look look for the mayo man with a chip on both shoulders. wj is as two faced as they come.


You’d wonder how he feels when he sees Diarmo around the club . I’d say he’s fairly conflicted all right .


Is Bart WJ?


Just MIA


Have you seen some of the stuff he writes . That would be some double agent work there .


A bit like how Chuck feels around Cuala.


Yeah that’s lad very athletic but terrible kick out unless booting it down the middle to Johnny Buckley.


Surely that is every Mayo buck :wink:


Yeah true - probably with the exception of panti bliss.


Yeah we all have chips on our shoulders…none of that going on in here :wink:


And with all those chips there will be no ketchup only MAYOO! :wink:


Is this you mayo man? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



That’s Tayto.


Is that a Pringle jumper?


That’s a teeshirt ya friction clown! Jeez!


That looks like a Hunkey Dory…more of a Tayto man myself


Do you Lay’s by the pool when on holiday? Or are your holiday interests more like those of Walkers?


Agree and it’s not even a real chip and I was to lazy to photoshop one.


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Re: Money, Dublin and the GAA
« Reply #471 on: Today at 02:25:55 PM »
Here’s a piece from dealing with the same subject. Under the heading, Sporting Grants Breakdown Show Massive Weighting Towards Dublin GAA Clubs,it goes into more detail than Foley does. This particular paragraph makes for interesting reading.
According to the latest census, Dublin’s population accounts for approx. 28% of Ireland’s total, with 38% in the entire Dublin greater area (Including parts of Meath, Kildare, etc.) If the argument is that funding should be in line with population, questions must be asked as to why the funding granted to Dublin is still disproportionate compared to that? To take GAA games development funding of 31 counties per player to Dublin level would need budget increase from €3,138,907 to €90,673,525.40.
Further down this article there’s a link to Ewan McKenna’s Twitter feed.
Here It’s stated that Dublin gets 12.5 the amount of funding for each registered player than Mayo does. When you consider all the other advantages Dublin have over Mayo, how can anyone say that the reason Dublin edged out Mayo in recent AI finals can be put down to the sheer talent of the Dubs’ players and that alone?
IMO, there’s a serious flow in the line of thought that money must be pumped into Dublin GAA to ensure its survival, even if it means every other county have to go and suck the hind tit where grant aid is concerned.
Intercounty championship competition is the lifeblood of the GAA, always was and always will be.
How can the GAA prosper in Dublin when there soon won’t be a single county in the land who could give them a serious challenge? Sure, there will always be the possibility that some county ay catch them on an off day but no other side will be able to do what Mayo is doing at the moment.
Already the signs are ominous with attendances dropping at championship games throughout the country. Why do you think this fecking Super 8 format was devised?
It’s there to help make up the shortfall as revenues drops and interest in the competition wanes. This is only a holding tactic, it will postpone the inevitable, not remove it.
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Re: Money, Dublin and the GAA
« Reply #472 on: Today at 03:27:36 PM »
Did not renew my season ticket this year! Will only go to the convenient Mayo games. GAA at intercounty is in melt down. The Government and the GAA have created a MONSTER called Dublin. The Leinster Championship has not existed now for nearly a decade. The AI is not much better.

The main media continually ignores the MONEY issue with Dublin.

I’ve learned to go back to the Club scene and enjoy that!