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some about of crap posted about Connolly. nearly all 49 pages of hatred towards him. Posters(mostly from Mayo) are now saying he not a top player. :joy::joy:


I’m not going to read it. He (Connolly) must be the worst player ever to win five All-Ireland medals, though. Five more than I won. Five more than most Mayo players currently playing or from the last 50 years.


He has a good few more than just the Senior football too :wink:


yeah saw that. all winter there will be ones going “he is” and others going “he isnt” round and round and round…


It’s a dreadful forum dominated by Mayo & Ulster counties with a couple of Kildare individuals added just to keep the bitterness levels as high as possible. There is an inherent dislike / hatred / jealousy of all things Dublin. Same clowns posting the same rubbish over and over again.

The 49 pages on Connolly is mind boggling but the Connolly topic seems to draw all the headbangers from elsewhere in so they can show how much they dislike Dublin. The mad mad world of social media!


There is about 5/6 anti Dubs threads going on that forum atm. Is there a moderator on that site?


I tried to register there , never heard a peep back .The mayoforsam who lingered around here a bit posts prominently there .Three separate threads apart from the AI one .


We have one thread on the final and 3-4 threads moaning about the media coverage of the final.


Maybe we should have a thread about the moaning?


Moan away…won’t change anything.

These are happy days!



Split the thread. Yer only man. Get the the thread splitter out there and split away


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Yeah thread splitter, split reservoir dubs into moaning and non moaning sections, then obviously split into northside and southsiders.


What about the Continuity Splitters?


What have the splitters ever done for us ?


Too soon for a club-retirement testimonial, I reckon.


Heard he was fairly poor against Nemo .Looks like his best days are behind him.


Surprised they didnt try to all star him last year. Colm Keys, sure he is retired martin,… he cant be nominated, oh sure does that matter?


Watched the game and he was bad but TBH Nemo were so much better than Crokes (it just wasn’t reflected in the scoreline) he didn’t get much ball. Crokes keeper pulled off some great saves.


That’s the young fella Shane Murphy is it?


Only discovered this thread in the past 2 days.

All i can say is WOW.

the level of delusion and hate is actually quite staggering from WJ & the Nordies on the GAA Blog site.

49 pages of hate for Diarmo, that must be bordering in what Neil Lennon got during his heyday.

Incredible this WJ lad pretends to be gracious and considered.

I always sort of wanted Mayo to win one against a Kerry or the likes, not so sure after this thread

I wonder if I’ve ever crossed paths with this WJ lad while in Vincents??