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Ah lads yis are just too funny. Laughing me bollox of here.


Christ almighty that is ultra dumb.


That’s bullying lads. Please stop


Lighten up ladies there is respect for all
On here especially rocheys posts
Are we trying to bury humour now with my avatars

Rochey if you don’t want me to interact with you from now on that’s fine
Maybe I’ll start slagging myself so no one gets offended


WJ post a blog saying great champions need to be good winners too last week :joy:

and then posts this on Sunday

Willie Joe says:
September 24, 2017 at 12:46 pm
It’s getting close to 200 comments now on the original piece and I think it probably is time to wind down the discussion as the point I was making in the piece has now been fairly thoroughly obscured by the over-and-back discussion spawned from it. I would note, though, that nothing in the 195 comments posted (and several more I’ve had to chuck in the bin) has contradicted the substance of what I had to say. All manner of other things have been hauled into the debate, accompanied by plenty of what-aboutery, but most of these had nothing to do with my core argument. An argument, by the way, which accepted Dublin as winners and great champions, which wasn’t bitter (that appears to be the standard put-down favoured by social media trolls) and wasn’t whingeing about losing. I had a specific point to make and I still think – despite the often heated nature of the exchanges – that it was worth making. The GAA is a unique organisation, one built – in Dublin, Mayo and everywhere else – on community values. If they slip – and I’d argue that the disgraceful actions in the media by ex-Dublin pundits and the vitriol spewed out across social media by some Dublin “supporters” are warning signs that we’re headed that way – then the organisation we know, love and help sustain is heading for trouble. That’s the core of the point I was making. Congrats again to Dublin on this year’s win and the completion of the three-in-a-row. Up Mayo


WJ needs to look at the comments on his own blog before making assertions about others


How does he show his face in Vincent’s with comments like that ???


Celebrity death match between WJ and the bould Richie ?? Now I would pay to see that !!!


If what he writes is his genuine feeling, I can’t understand why he would even want to a member of a Dublin GAA club.


Where is this?


On a Twatbook page called “Who Gives a Flying F**k, Dublin are still All-Ireland Champions” :smiley:


“ex-dublin pundits disgraceful antics” = Charlie Redmond saying “something should be done” about lee keegan’s GPS thing.

really, that is it.

I mean, what is the counter argument? That it is acceptable? (whataboutery isn’t a counter-argument) That ex-players (esp a free taker) shouldn’t say that’s not entirely fair, old sport?

As for the vitriol - sure there is plenty of it posted by morons from both counties out in the wilderness of facebook and twitter, and it seems on the comments under the RTE stories (never knew they had a comments thing). The problem is that the ease of access and lack of accountability on these type of sites makes that sort of behaviour inevitable.

This site, and indeed mayoblog, should be held to a higher standard. We had a lad in here calling for keegan to be banned for life and he was laughed out of it. If WJ was being honest with himself he would agree that very similar stuff never gets called out on by him on his own site.

I saw last night that some posters have finally mentioned to WJ that the stuff said about McQuillan has long since passed from not agreeing with him to calling him corrupt and he had better hope the solicitors are not watching, prompting him to finally tell his best space cadets to can it and actually deleting a revillino post. Its a thankless task being the sole admin somewhere like that and he probably needs help, but his instinctive reaction to see no evil where mayo is concerned isnt a help (he constantly dismissed the role of Hogan in 2012 in actually starting all this vitriol, not to mention the mayo antics of that second half).

He also fails to notice the basic contradiction in saying “sure if we were in that position I’d want our team to also do what Dublin did at that last kick out” and then condemning Dublin time and again for actually doing it. If the man had a modicum of consistency he would say that he could condemn Mayo for doing it too, even if that reopens the 2012 match again. He is far from alone in the Mayo support there though.

TBF, the comedic value of going there has faded for me. As Arthur says in Monty Python & the Holy Grail “No, let’s not go to Camelot, it is a silly place”

The idea of Bodhran Barry and Willie Joe throwing legal threats around is a damning indictment of both their immaturities and insecurities. I’m just glad that in this fine Olympia of the GAA internet we can languidly repose and look down on all of them, the twats.


A few of the head bangers actually named the Dublin player they "know " who broke John finns jaw in 1985 .Libeeeel !!!


Unfortunately that’s what happens when the loons are running the asylum :confused:


Shame he doesn’t post here anymore since the final




Wow , who do you think he posted as ?


A certain poster seemed to post very similar styles and was prone to the odd swipe at Dublin. He hasn’t posted since the final though. He did seem a bit of a lostcause though


Last posted 53mins ago?


Must have just gotten over the defeat