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just had a quick glance.

His point seems to be mainly about JG’s “we dont like to play like that” comment back in 2013. That was 4 years ago, and this very week gavin said you sometimes have to play like that.

His next point is Charlie Redmond. Ok, Redmonds “ban for life” stichk is stupid but WJ seems to be contorting himself to avoid the issue of the GPS. He should realise that in saying “thats what anyone would do” which he and others have done in the past week over there he is engaging in the exact sort of rethoric which he condemns Redmond for.

The final point is a rather odd one, and you would assume that he doesnt actually read the posts people leave on his blog. He is wondering why some dublin fans can just get on with it and enjoy the win, the 3 in a row and yet get upset demanding respect and idolatry. Surely he has enough cop on to realise that people posting things like “their 95 win wasn’t a win” or “I refuse to recognise this win as it was bought by the crooked referee” or “I refuse to recognise any of their wins as they were all bought by AIG” is like a red rag to some people? That they are entitled to call a view on what newstalk have been up to all week with the “money” agenda?

That WJ can wave metaphorical yellow cards about on seeing the reaction, but not the initial fouls even when they are posted in the comments to that very blogpost, is deeply ironic.



Like that is absolutely off the wall.stuff ,poor fucker obviously has mental health issues.


I reckon that’s why revelinno is mad as a brush. Holding your breath for four days will really do damage to your brain.


Somebody forgot to lock up the doors of the asylum .I’ve seen worse tbh .Isn’t it great that this great team winds them up no end .I’ve already forgotton about the Lee incident .This must be melting their noodles 24/7.Long winter lads :joy:


I’m sitting here waiting for the kids to finish activities etc. So I hopped along to mayoblog. Yeah it’ gubu fubar, cmfs but highly entertaining. I’m going to plagiarise dub09 and do a spoof post serial on that revalino poster because that lad is comedy gold. His frustration and rage well if ya could bottle it up you would have a weapon of mass destruction. He is fucking gas.


Sinead doesn’t say if she is a student or a teacher ,could you imagine this loon been entrusted teaching your kids ???


Are we sure this isn’t Willie Joe posting under different usernames :thinking:


Can’t be he’s at war with Facebook Richie on defamation and hoping he won’t get sued


Richie Larkin?


What now?


Yeah it’s nearly getting to judge Judy stage


Who’s that ? One of the hill 16 army heads ?


It sure which one I’m barred from So many of them but he sone of the gang


Where’s all.this happening? Twitter?


Latest is Richie demanded an apology on Mayo log or he would sue for defamation


The internet is indeed serious business.


Jesus … and the sh1t I put up with here. How much do ye think @Rochey or @beeko or @alanoc or @Iomaint are worth (using that term verrrry loosely). I’ve easily had a six figure sum of reputational and/or psychological damage inflicted on me on here. If you’re interested in being a witness for a decent % drop me a pm …


I’d say they are worth f - all especially rochey


Yeah but he still has his communion money


Did he do his communion he doesn’t seem the religious forgiving type