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sure he did jog on, up the steps of the hogan to lift Sam!


Did he play club football in Dublin ?


The time of that tweet is 2.57pm, 33 minutes before throw in. The page no longer exists.


and he has locked his account.



Brigid’s … left cos he didn’t like the contract …


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'Kin hell


someone on another site was looking in room 66 and found this amazing post

Another thing that needs adressing,…. There has been a lot of talk on social media. about Lee Keegan throwing a GPS at the ball for Dean Rock last minute free, after reviewing this 5 times on RTE footage of the alleged incident, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest this happened… It wouldn’t be the first time that a concerted campaign was launched to vilify Lee Keegan,… This free was taken reasonably close to where I was sitting, I did not notice anything… But this free kick had every TV camera in the stadium trained on it for this pivotal moment of the match…. There is nothing to see!

i wonder if this is the same fellow who alone saw a mayo player get a punch to the head and who spammed every gaa board known to man about it, with literally nobody anywhere saying they saw it too.


hes probably OTB producer


anyways they will be returning to rugby pretty soon


That’s fairly amazing alright, I only needed to watch it back twice and first time I watched it I clearly saw Lee lob the GPS (like a grenade) underhand at Dean before he kicks the ball.

You don’t have a twitter handle for that head case do you?


its not twitter its somewhere on the mayoblog. you know that willie joe, to prevent any bad feeling erupting between fans, will be along any month now to wag a finger.

tbf he threatened to ban some poor lad (who could have been on the spectrum somewhere and wanted to post about the team he loves) with a ban for posting in caps.


sure thats the same here although its my harlem not my caps


this lad only posted twice.


The mayo blog is something else even by the loony standards of fan forums. Mulder and scully would nt believe some of the conspiracy theories posted there. It’s wj gig and he sets the rules but he s a bit sensitive about some things but yet he left a disgraceful post up about Philly McMahon for an hour or so before removing the slurs contained in it.


What is it? Link not working?


This forum excepted of course🙄


St Brigids reject


To reply to my own post :upside_down_face:

The above was by our old friend leantimes. It’s only an abstract. He also blames Imelda may, Jim gavins air corps, and Bernard dunne winning a fight he should have lost in mayo some years ago, and the brits. These are all examples of gaa bias and Dublin joe of course.

But lo!!! Jim is there too, the only guy to have seen the head butt on tom parsons last year, and yeah he is saying it again.

Someone else, rather interestingly, pointed out that the gaa is suppose to be a rural organisation and Dublin should be left to its soccer and why is the gaa trying to developmthere anyway. A viewpoint which is mostly muttered and not spoken openly by very many people outside of Dublin.

TBF there are some thoughtful, honest, insightful posts on there today as well, especially on getting the new centre of excellence going, finding commercial backers and a commercial manager. Sounds like the mayo county board is like our one under a previous regime as well and some as sick of them. That was the sort of posts that I used to see all of the time on that blog before “that” Kerry replay. It is a pity they are being out voiced by others of a more hysterical bent in the years since.


Wille Joe should simply do a bit more moderating. Easy to say I know.