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Fogarty for me is nearly worse than McKenna. A self loathing Dub. Doesn’t come worse than that. Dub09 advised me once to just ignore them, and maybe thats the best medicine. But christ it can me ya as mad as hell.


Swahili having meltdown.

I do think there was systematic bias ( unintentional or not ) by the referee . Willie Joe it’s not often I disagree with you but I disagree with your assessment of his performance.

There was some attempt to acknowledge his own bias during the game and ” partially ” correct for this bias , for example in giving extra time at the end , and letting Aido go just after the start of the second half without a black card .

Ditto Andy’s point when Cooper was floored by us . Should not have been allowed. Keegan deserves something for his desperate infraction though not sure anyone saw it in real time . Appalling antics from someone I absolutely love.

But that pales beside the litany of things which are even more obvious on second viewing that he allowed in Dublin’s favor.

To wit

O Gara’s point came straight from picking or trying to pick the ball off the ground .

Mannion too ,right in front of the ref picked the ball off the ground with no free given.

The dumb free just before half time after two Dublin players collide ?

There was not one but two penalties we should have had . I mean you could argue Lee ‘s but it was 80:20 a penalty . More 80 than twenty if you know what I mean .

The Jason Doherty fouling by Cluxton et al , was 100 % a penalty all day long . I mean there is no other possible interpretation of it .

The O Gara eye gouge I saw it in real time so I can only imagine the linesman saw it too ! Someone definitely saw it . For sure. This is not the first time in ALL IRELAND FINALS that a Dublin player has gouged someone’s eyes . I mean WTF ??? This is an indictable offense .

As alluded to by Andanotherthing the ending was another farce where we got to play the fools . Again ! Reminiscent of Limerick 2014. And there we are throwing a GPS in desperation . FFS !!!

The ref should have given a free out to us after Rocks free ( which I thought was very dubious -particularly after a game where things were “allowed to flow ” ) and given Dublin more black cards.

Joe Mc wanted more than anything to be kingmaker for Dublin by granting the decisive free.

That this collective Dublin obstruction of our players is one of the last things that is allowed to happen on the field when these Mighty men of Mayo have given their all speaks volumes about McQuillan, volumes about the GAA and volumes about our own reluctance to speak up against injustice .

Where is the f n outrage ?

This was absolutely unforgivable in the context of the situation we were dealing with at that moment and that he allowed it and worse that WE allowed it by not highlighting it in an ostentatious way is unforgivable .

We need to do much better standing up for ourselves and protesting like other teams do . And we need to change refereeing forever in the GAA . This single ref stuff for big games is no longer acceptable.

This was blatant , organized and rampant cheating by Dublin at the end and believe you me there is nothing Athletic , sporting or manly about it .

Game management my arse ! This was blatant cheating witnessed by millions but accepted in a docile manner and barely spoken about !

There are different ways to fight and be courageous and we too ( like our players ) need to stand up and point this stuff out. Loudly. So they’ll call me whiner ?? They’ll call me that anyway and it’s also irrelevant. It definitely won’t stop me.

Of course we have only ourselves to blame . We knew , WE KNEW , that if it was a tight game that the decisions would not go for us . We should have been out of sight by the 60 th minute.

But I can’t fault these unbelievable players . They know themselves all too well where they fell short of their own goals . I love them all because of who they are and what they represent . They have unified a county and bestowed honor on all of us .

We are Mayo . We are fierce and we are proud and nothing will ever change that .

We go again .This time better , stronger , even more ferocious and even more composed.

Most importantly I ask every man woman and child in Mayo to stand up and speak up against cheating in sport by ourselves , the GAA , or anyone else.

Without this fundamental idea of absolute fairness in sport and beyond being our bedrock we will all become AIG people .

You know , the type of person who in their sense of arrogance and entitlement ( a so called “winning mentality” in corporate speak or in ” Gavinwaffle” ( copyright WJ ) ) take down the world economy single handedly like AIG actually did in 2007 and leave millions of people in dire straits .

That is where the road of the coward leads . That is what thousands of self deceiving cowards bestowed on millions of innocent people.

This is why Mayo football is so important . We should eschew these dark arts tactics that we don’t even believe in and that only distract our mind space .

We are good people and we can win this thing by focusing on fixing what ails the team . Do it clean . Do it right and do it with absolute and unbridled joy.

If we focus on the joy then I believe , for this team , everything else will take care of itself . Lighten up , have fun , be honest about shortcomings mental or other and work through them by practicing relentlessly . You’re all too human FFS ! We don’t expect perfection .

Forget the fucking GPS , practice shooting under pressure relentlessly , stop dropping balls short , keep improving on how to take goals , learn how to put over the first two points flawlessly ,practice composure at the start of games and the end of games . Learn how to properly stand up for yourself with the ref .

Obviously playing loads of games is good for this team but we have to take the 1700 hundred little things and we have to imagine them all day long , practice them all day long and literally “become them ” because therein and only therein are you going to crack this code .

I believe deeply in this manager and this team and I only want the best for them and the people of Mayo.

Let’s go Mayo !

This chap obviously only started following Mayo in 2013 and didn’t witness the systematic cynical fouling done by his very own mighty mayo men also viewed by millions I might add. This guy going on about ISH and what they did in 2007…like ref? I accept they must be hurting but Jesus wept!


Ha, fucking spacer!


Do these headbangers think that if there was six refs on the pitch to cut out all the fouling then they’d beat that Dublin team by playing football?? :joy:


Is that the audition for OTB ? Id say hes a cert for a job there

the bit I heard on Monday evening from Matt Cooper whilst in someone else’s car was reminiscent of something from someone in denial. As others have said, its the Mayo story and narrative. The kids concert in the school was more in tune than that lot…


Fair play to that poster for calling out Cillian O’Connor :joy:


After every loss , the same tired old excuses .I’m glad they’re hurting .Its like they analyze every piece of footage to complile a list of grievances. And where does it get them ? Nowhere .I wouldn’t mind going back to '12 to see what they were writing then .
Wallopers , every single one of them .


You can’t say your glad they are hurting
They are loads of decent mayo people and it is a modern day tragedy
Yes Keegan and o Connor and Vaughan are masters of the dark arts but we have a few as well
The mayo blog is set up for people like the horrible trolip on the net this morning mentioning o Callaghan as a young buick
The bigger problem is the press and the net where dubious people with agendas can have their say and are backed up by he hatred outside the pale by those that despise big Dublin
Whello should have stood up to o rourke a long time ago he wants to weaken Dublin so his precious mordor might win a match sometimes. However he fails to state the reason Meath are so bad is due to the Meath board and reckless spending of monies and rediculous juvenile system that worked in the 40’s and the lack of decent coaching and structures
Kildare pundits have similar agendas and while they are better organised than Mordor they still are not as strong as Dublin


Before we won in '11 Whelo would have been quite conservative when giving opinions as he had been a player during a period when we were hyped to the hilt , yet couldn’t deliver .I’ve noticed him change his tune , buoyed by the last 7 years success .I’d say what he said was loaded in the holster for a while & I for one am delighted he told Joe to “hold on a minute” .


Yep. Actually shouted out G’wan Whelo at the telly when he stood up to Brolly and O’Rourke :grin:


Em , yes I am .Ya see that’s what happens when your folks are the only one who left the West to start a life in Dublin .All my relations are from different parts of the West so I’ve been putting up with a lot of shit for a long time .But I never rubbed it in anyone’s face when we beating Mayo in finals .
I never forgot the shit I got in '06 & '12 . So , yes , behind it all I’m delighted we beat them .It makes my trips “home” all the sweeter when they have ■■■■ all to say :joy:


He told him to stop talking threw a couple of Charles Manson looks. Brolly stopped talking


They have some good ideas to get mayo over the line next year over on 66.

Bring back the number of subs to 3.
All kickouts must cross the 21 Yard line.
Matches to be 60 mins again.

I think I can spot a trend there…


Yes but o rourke is the fly in the ointment not Joe
He’s the slithery snake that bites at will


This tweet from Emelyn Mulligan :man_shrugging:


I assume that’s the bloke who is only known for looking like Suarez?
I couldn’t even tell you what county he plays for (does he even play county football).


Has anyone been calling for Kerry to be split in two for the All-Ireland Junior Football Championship? They’ve just completed a three-in-a-row themselves in that grade to add what happened with their Minors on Sunday.


the plays for leitrim so similar to a dublin junior team member sick for half the year


I remember his elation when Donegal beat us. He tweets a bit but like Wooly won’t @ the people he is slatingm. In other words…a coward.


they really are a twisted people outside dublin, the hatred is unreal, its comical