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Hmmmm me thinks if it was the other way around and it was someone like Dermo throwing the GPS he’d be screeching from the rooftops about it. Prick


Surrounded by Mayo fans yesterday and their antics along with my experience of them in 2015 make me want them to never win one. A man in his 40’s had a serious go at my 15 year old daughter for shouting out at a McQuillan decision was bad enough, I said for him to cope on a bit and the feckin gobshites around him who had being bleating their constant Mayo Mayo had a go at me rather than cope the fecker on. He continued to ■■■■ and scream at my daughter, I had to sit on my 19 year old son to stop him from thumping the fecker at the end of the game he called us all scum and fecked off, classy :imp:


That is priceless. The Dublin lad in background :joy::joy:


Should have taken a picture


Probably should have but wanted to watch the game and not deal with the dickhead.


Par for the course in my experience . . . a thoroughly unlikable bunch.
They have ignorance unused.

What was wrong with letting the young lad lamp him ?


Not the answer and only sinking to their level. Good and bad in every county lads.


John Fogarty finally outed on the Mayo blog :joy:.Oh , and Vaughan was tied in second place with Moran for Man of the Match :no_mouth:

“What can I say. I have been a fan of this site for many a year – some would say addict. But yet to comment.In the run games I check it every few hours – looking for my next fix.
Now I have confession – I am Dublin born and bred – but my blood is Mayo. One of my earliest memories is scramming for Mayo in the canal end in 1989.
Mayo are my team – they are in my blood.
I have followed then around the country – cheering them on for as long as I can remeber!
This year – I have avoided the build up for the final – I hadn’t really let it consume me like usually do. But the parts I did read – what was most upsetting was the lack of acklodgement these lads got in the build up – we are the only team to test Dublin over the last few years.
I type this as I sit crying my eyes out -I can’t even imagine how the players feel.
But we are Mayo – we will dust outselves down and rise again because that is who we are.
We will be back again – yeahwe lost today – but look at the adventures and memories we have had this year alone -other counties would give a right arm for that!
We are Mayo! We will be back”


I voted for Vaughan :smile:



The sunday times did a piece about the ’ Willie Joe blog ’ , who lives in Dublin and is involved with st Vincent’s .I get it that he a mayo man living in Dublin and wants his county to do well ,like all of us .But what is hard to stomach is his pernicious cheerleading of the ’ Dublin media ’ myth and he has also some disgraceful things to say about this Dublin team , worst of all he let some pretty ugly and slanderous replies to his blog to go unchallenged . Don’t know how anyone hasnt called him out on it at the club ,or maybe they have


That Quirks article xrios with disdain. National paper my arse!


Ir Times supposed to be buying the Examiner - might clear out some of these guys


Might get more of them in …


Yeah fat chance. IT employs the likes of McStay and McGuinness


Do you have a link to that article?


fogarty like mackenna are two dirtbirds, fine if they support mayo or hate dublin but write impartially end of…


Unfortunately no ,the Sunday times have it behind a paywall , but here’s a better article about him


Fogarty and McKenna two peas in a pod. McKenna is dirt. Pure dirt. He is a parody of himself now. If it really was about funding and fairness you would be prepared to listen. But his vulgarity and very obvious dislike for Dublin GAA is means he has no credit. He is only propped up in this country by the twitter warriors and the shitebag from Pokrtlaoise (I know ya love him Phelo, but sorry he is a shitebag)


i dont love him JJF , i just want to listen to balance sometimes, yes hes a culchie and all culchies hate dublin, and yes he has a hatred for cluxo because he was not made welcome in Parnells for obvious reasons.
But if you listen to what he says a lot makes sense beyond the obvious jibes.
However Mackenna and who the fock is fogarty are two bitter individuals who intentionally go out to belittle dublin because they hate dublin , no other reason. Mackenna is border on racist