Classic TV Themes


Well lacey sounds nice anyway


The Blondie one with some Lacy on? Ok I’ll get my coat.


Cagney sounds like an infection


I can live with that!


Hans Zimmer…
Gladiator, Inception, Dark Knight etc.
Wrote the Going for Gold theme tune


Excellent choice inception ‘time’ has a loop of twenty minutes on YouTube I listen to it when I’m colouring in sorry I meant working.


The hot blonde was Christine Cagney. The dowdy brunette was Mary-beth Lacey.


Beautiful race track style font.


Other clips are available with the wonderful Jenny Hanley!! :heart_eyes:


And boxing fans of a certain vintage may remember that both BBC and ITV had great intros back in the seventies and eighties.




Daisy. Oh Daisy!

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Can’t believe I forgot this absolute classic

Memories of Masters Sunday



Another classic from the 70’s.

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Channel 4 Tour De France theme which was composed by none other than Pete Shelley


Quality. Fond memories of really being introduced to the Tour de France when that first hit Channel 4 TV screens in the Summer of 86, with that great intro - from memory it was Lemond’s first tour win.

Wasn’t aware of the Pete Shelley connection!

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