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Was that all right or all night


Maybe then it was all night. Now it takes me all night to do what I used to do all night …


Almost forgot one of the best. Helps that it is just a slightly altered version of Danny Elfman’s theme from the film, but the Theme for Batman the Animated Series was great. The accompanying animation is also excellent and sets the the tone of the show perfectly. There is absolutely no text in the intro, the producers felt the character was so iconic that showing the title of the show was completely unnecessary.

Not necessarily a great them but an interesting one is suicide is painless from MASH. The song was written for the Robert Altman film and then used as the TV show’s theme. Altman’s then 14 year old son co-wrote the song (he provided the lyrics which he wrote in under 5 minutes) with the instruction that it be one of the stupidest songs you have ever heard. But because the song became a hit and was then used as the theme to the show, his son ended up making far more money from the song than Altman did for directing the film.


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Christ. How could I have forgotten this?

Deffo in my Top 10.

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I could be having childhood memory crossed-wires here but I’m convinced it was also used as the theme tune to the BBC Norn Iron country current affairs program “Land 'N Larder”. However google and Youtube searches have not produced any info about the theme, and barely anything about the program. That’s why I was hoping Rufus could help…


Frank Burnside and Ted Roache :sunglasses:


Best World Cup ever, best intro ever.


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Italia 90 pisses all over Espana 82.

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There’ll never be another Nessun Dorma.


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Someone was smoking some serious 'shrooms out in Montrose back in 1979.

Sitting eating your crinkle cut oven chips and Findus crispy pancakes of a Saturday evening wondering WTF…


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Still don’t know which one was which.


The blondie one in her day I feel all funny in side.


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