Classic TV Themes


If that’s not it then Don’t ask me what it could be.


Remember the show but wouldn’t have remembered that theme tune. That clip sounds great though. Obvious Jethro Tull like sound with the flute.


Just a few more


If it hasn’t been mentioned already.


Auf Wiedersehen, Pet really launched the career of Timothy Spall.


sorry missed that … a classic


Showing your age lads :wink::wink:


Was never let stay up late enough to watch this…sooooooo wanted to.


High Chaperal…go on ye good thing


Ski Sunday…



Jack Hargreaves’s Out of Town

I can’t find the theme tune anywhere of RTE’s _Cross-country Quiz". Anyone remember that?


Will redeem myself by putting some Fleetwood Mac after having two of the Hoffs in there


The Banana splits. Tra la la.


an absolute classic, a belter.

always liked professor bergman most. he was so laid back. “…well, john…” was his answer whenever koneig had a terrible problem and needed advice


This is a belter.


Not an opening tune, but pure classic.


Anyone remember Black beauty , many a lad humming the theme jumping imaginary fences thinking your a horse ah the seventies


Used to hum it when I was ridin all right.


I think it is probably the ones from childhood that stick with you the most. As A-team has already featured here are some of my old favourites

Gerry Anderson really did some good ones, they always felt so cinematic.