Christy Ring Saga


Meath are being very disingenuous in all this. They celebrate (fair play) but they also knew what was likely to happen - a replay. There was always a chance the game could have uncontroversially finished level after extra time - so if the players had made plans to go away they’d have been gone for any replay anyway. They are also quoting the Meath senior hurling championship which apparently starts this weekend and they have fixtures right through to August - though only the first week’s fixtures are dated on their website. There are 12 teams in this competition … Mind you it is refreshing to see the importance and respect being given to hurling in Meath from within. A completely new phenomenon as anyone involved in hurling there will tell you.

I really don’t know what the Chairman wants here. Does he really want to keep a cup they clearly didn’t win? Does he not realise how he is coming across? Maybe he doesn’t give a sh1t mind you …


I would think Antrim would happily replay for the promotion prospect and leave Meath with the cup.


Thats the hard bit to understand - totally bananas.


Minding mice at crossroads and all that


Fair play to the Royal hurlers! After all the messing they can now rightfully celebrate a great success. Seems to have been an epic tussle.


Jammy gits. Now they can have a second piss up :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Good on them.


Great win by Meath. I thought they would be hammered! Fair play to them.


fair play to meath ,Antrim have fallen a long way ,
i really believe they should put there underage teams and a combined schools team into leinster if they are to improve