Christy Ring Saga


Nothing to do with RTE, the irony of the GAA getting their press release wrong considering what’s going on here…


Fair enough. I apologise to RTE. But I knew I wasn’t wrong😂


Hahaha, is it that important that they need to know who won now? Players on both sides have holidays booked etc & will have to reschedule through no fault of their own


As has been said before, it would not have been the first time a match was level extra time, so really the players would have been in the same boat as regards holidays. The bottomline is it was a draw. I feel sorry for the Meath lads as they actually felt they had won, but I do think Meatht CB or the management could have done something to contain their celebrations given the circumstances.


Tweet machine reporting that “Word around Kilmessan, Kiltale and Trim is that Meath won’t be committing to a replay this weekend. I feel the craic is only starting.”


Making a show of themselves …, again. Do they really think they should just keep that cup under the circumstances?

‘We are firmly against playing a replay to a game we have already won’ - Meath boss Martin Ennis slams GAA

What planet is this man on???


Jesus wept. Yiz didn’t win the match ye clown.


Bit like someone being told they won the lottery and expecting to get the prize even though they didn`t win, a bummer yes, but as I said they continued to celebrate when it was blatantly clear there was a serious problem


it may be a bit late in the day but still fair play to the CCC and Meath GAA for the weekend double header re-fixing of the Christy Ring final and also the 2010 Leinster Football final …


I think Antrim are the team hard done by here. Meath were the team coming back at the end, and the likelihood is that they would have started looking for goals if the knew they were actually a point further behind. In such a scenario, the goal rarely happens.

But Meath haven’t a leg to stand on here as regards complaining about the result. The game was a draw, and no one is disputing that the scores were level.

But as BigP points out, they continued to celebrate even though there was a major doubt about the whole thing.

But, what are Antrim doing only drawing with Meath anyway, they should be wiping the floor with them.


But why shouldn’t they celebrate. Pointless holding back on the celebrations in case there is an objection, etc. and eventually being ratified as champions and not having celebrated. :confused:


Basically because once the ref admitted he made a mistake it was clear a replay was on the cards and he admitted early enough on sunday evening. Secondly because they knew themselves that had not actually won the game and had they eventually been proclaimed champs it would have been through some legal loophole, so there was not that much to celebrate really…


So you wouldn’t have celebrated on Sunday night if you had been playing?


No, but would have given it socks on Saturday though :wink:

I don’t think the players on the pitch honestly would have known there was a mix up with the score and relied on the scoreboard so it was natural for them to celebrate but for the manager to come out and say what he did is terrible.


I wouldn’t have under those circumstances. If there was some other issue I might have, like a disputed wide v score or something. But where the score was just recorded wrongly, and Meath didn’t actually win the game in any scenario, I think I would have held off on the celebrations.

Although celebrating maybe was an attempt at forcing the hand of the GAA.


Put it this way, if I was aware that the ref had admitted his mistake and was also was aware that there was a mistake and also was aware that the only way a replay could be granted was if the ref owned up, well I would have had serious doubts and I think Meath must have known that there was going to be problems. I am not blaming anyone, but just don`t accept the celebrations or having plans to go away as an excuse, as in one case it was clear a replay was very much on the cards on Sunday evening and in the other case a replay was always a possibilty anyway in the event of a draw.


The lads have worked to achieve this all year. They go up and lift the cup and of course they want to celebrate on Saturday night, and perhaps Sunday too :wink: . Why not, as far as they are concerned they achieved their ambition.


But the didn’t, and they knew they didn’t. Even if they were going to be awarded the match because of the mistake, they still didn’t actually win it.

I have no issue with them celebrating if they won it fair and square, I met up with some of the Louth lads on Monday that did win on Saturday and they were still celebrating then. But there was no ambiguity about their win.

It is very unfortunate, and I feel for both teams (and the ref). And if Meath want to be given another week to prepare, they should be given it. But the game was a draw, so a replay is needed.


Any Meath lads that were genuinely celebrating a win on Sunday night must have been totally isolated from the outside world even, the cats and dogs in the street new what the outcome was going to be at that stage


This is pretty simple. Meaty didn’t win the game, they know themselves that they got very lucky to even draw that game, and they know it’s very unlikely they’ll perform so well and Antrim so poorly again. That’s why they’re refusing a replay. They were out celebrating a game they knew they hadn’t won which is just crazy. Simple solution, fix the replay for the 18th to give both teams time to prepare, if Meath don’t show up, award Antrim the game.