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Anthony Daly suggested on Sunday Game tonight that Both teams be allowed play in Leinster Round Robin next year! Simple solution really to a mistake that should never have happened!


True but I don’t see any issue with replaying the game either. Neither Antrim nor Meath have any other pressing matters hurling wise.

I can’t really understand this what I would term ‘old GAA logic’ where they got the cup so you can’t undo that. Complete bullshit! They actually should not have received the cup at all - but now lets replay it and if they win then all good. Don’t exacerbate the problem. If Antrim win so be it - because they did not lose the first day anyway!!


I think this case is different to others (Meath v Louth in the football, Limerick minors etc.) because no one seems to be disputing that the score actually happened, just how it was recorded. So as the game is all on film it should just be a very simple thing for the ref to check each score against what he wrote down and amend his report accordingly before he submits it - which is what seems to have happened.

Antrim are very hard done by here though. They actually had a larger lead then indicated coming towards the end and Meath would probably have resorted to going for goals, not points. The usual scenario in that instance is that the gap widens, not narrows.

But they are lucky that by correcting the score, they create a draw and thus a replay is natural. If the game had ended a draw, and correcting the score meant one team wins, that would have been a whole different story.

But the lack of complaint by Antrim players at the end was strange. I never knew the score when I was playing, but I would have known the gap between the teams.

The Daly idea of promoting two teams didn’t work at all for me. What do you do the following year, relegate two teams? Or do you leave the whole thing uneven, in the two competitions, just because you don’t take the hard decision to fix the issue now.


Sure enough it should be replayed. Problem now is How can Meath possibly get mentally right for such a game. I would be curious what a 10 point spread would be on Antrim winning this one. Having said all that What a 2nd half by Meath! Really enjoyed watching that game. Of course its 2nd tier hurling But plenty of skilful hurlers on show!


I don`t go along with the Meath line that they would not be up for a replay, it is not as if they found out about the score at 12 o’clock on Sunday night, by their on admission they knew there was a problem before the game was over. It was always likely that the result was going to be overturned and they choose to celebrate it, knowing that it was highly likely something was going to happen.


Not as simple as that. The score was confirmed (incorrectly) with the ref late in the game so they would have had no reason not to celebrate. After all, the refs score is final!!! (most of the time anyway!!)They claim that players are leaving this week for the summer - may or may not be the case. Unfair to ask Meath to play without them.


GAA saying that they wont promote both to leinster round robin.

What a bloody mess.


I saw a post on twitter yesterday from the Antrim Stats lad, he said he informed some of the officials straight after the game.


If it was a draw - and it was a draw - there would have been a replay anyway and the Meath and Antrim players would have had to factor this possibility into their plans?!?!

Any Meath player well knew the score here (pardon the pun). Strange to celebrate a competition they know they didn’t really win … but its Meath after all …


such a shame to take the gloss of what was otherwise a hell of a performance from them.


There would have been extra time.

Very unlikely either side factored in a replay.


Surely they should be aware of such a possibility Alan? Replays in hurling have been very common in recent years.

It was indeed a hell of a performance from them - but not a winning one and that’s the simple reality.


As an aside why was Hawkeye not in use?


Hawkeye was not the issue.


The ref admitted his mistake before the meath lads would have had time to get to the Pub, so it was clear there was going to be controversy and the win was up in the air… I would be sure both counties would have had or should have had somebody tracking the scores.


Replay ordered by the CCCC, fair decision, and really the only possible outcome, hope the ref enjoys junior B hurling…


Common sense prevails… amazed! At least the Meath lads got a good night out of it!


Total downer for Meath. But if the ref said he was wrong then that’s it.

Fixed for Newry on Saturday week. Where does that leave Meath if players are heading off for the summer.

Will Meath play it I wonder? Will they appeal? This could be one for the DRA although I cannot see how they would win. But I couldn’t see how DC could get to play in the semi final replay last year. But he did!

Interesting times ahead.


It’s down (no pun intended) for 7pm this Saturday Alan


That’s a balls up by RTE. They had the 18th on there an hour ago!!