Cheltenham 2019


Only 1 bet today…Epatante


Peach of a ride from the much maligned Barry


2 from 2 for him


taught not many left had it


I got word for an E.W. Lucky 15 for Friday.
2.10 Leaky Tap (only if it runs)
2.50 V- Neck (great jumper)
3.30 Foundation (you could put the house on this)
4.10 Ironing Board (nap) Put your shirt on this.
I got great info for Itchy Fanny in the last but unfortunately it’s been scratched.

Old Faugheen (e.w.) 3.30 Would love to see him bounce back.


That looked awful for Sir Erec


had to be put down


I threw all my winnings from the first three days (not big money) into Sir Erec…what a beautiful horse he was…he was so calm before when it was all going on with his shoe too…

It all pales into insignificance when you see an incident like that.
Tragedy :cry::cry:


Stomach churning , he injured himself on the flat not actually jumping , a truly beautiful animal


People would be doing well to be up after a week like that…my week was summed up when my horse in the last refused to run :joy::joy:


Al boum photo got me out of jail , two winners for the whole meeting, four seconds but not an each way man , was sweet on ABP however the funds had been drained, love it but thank god it’s over


Great festival, Sir Erec aside it was quite a safe one as well

Will hopefully keep the ban horse racing lunatics away for another year at least


Fantastic festival. 14-14 between Ireland and the UK too? Made my drinking money plus a but extra. Winner each day luckily. Duc Des Genevieres, City Island, Sire Du Berlais, and Early Doors. Double of Tiger Roll and Envoi Allen and a few on the AW too. Had been sweet on Al Boum Photo for months but of course changed my mind on race day.

Great for O Brien to win the last after the tragedy of Sir Erec in the first. Horse racing rarely does fairy tales, especially in 24 runner handicap.