Champions League 2018/19


It’s the Inter Cities. Beat Shelbourne 12-0


Was that not the Hotels’ Cup?


Hugo Lloris seems to be playing (and behaving off the field) like someone who’d rather be elsewhere.
Barcelona were class and should have won by more but they were ably assisted at times by a self-destructive Spurs. Erickson is a big loss to Spurs creatively.
Anyone notice lots of empty seats in Parc de Prince last night? The main club, in the largest city of the current World Champions?


Yeh it’s an interesting phenomenon that has developed. I know that quite alot of people who have season tickets for clubs are put off going to earlier rounds of the various cup competitions by the cost of going. Then on the continent, especially in France, there’s still a hangover from all the terrorist attacks. I’m also not sure how great a support PSG ever used to have anyway, and maybe the French soccer public aren’t turned on by the spending of huge fortunes to get success.


The amount of people who left Wembley last night even before Barca got their last goal, was amazing. Your team, playing Barca with Messi, and you leave early??? Daft!


Football might have hit saturation point. Cost of going to games must be getting to the point the hardcore fan says enough. Once they start to fade all your left with is the corporate and event goer. Napoli stadium not full either .


Italy has had this issue for years. Between a struggling economy, and football hooliganism etc, they often can’t fill stadia. This was of course also true of the UK and other places back in the 70s-90s.


How on earth do you make that out ?
He’s been injured (bar the united game) since he got arrested for Drink driving.
He is prone to making mistakes in the bigger games unfortunately (see world cup final) - when he first came to spurs he gave away goals a lot of the time from rushing out from goal to meet the attacker - Granted last night was a new level of headless shit. When he makes a mistake he tries harder and then makes more mistakes. Thats Lloris for ya

Barca were class last night - not fazed when on the ball , and crisp passing that zipped along the pitch. Contrast that to spurs and every ball that was played for the first 60 minutes was played off the pitch , so needed to be controlled before being passed again - but again you have to give barca credit for the pressure they put on the ball.

But yeah we could have been rightly hammered last night , they had to play on the front foot, we were missing Ali and Dembele as well as Eriksen last night so we weren’t going to be too creative from that perspective. Winks came into the game with 15 minutes to go , but other than that he was chasing shadows with waynama. Vertongen missing at the back also is a massive loss in a game like that.

Hopefully Barca will take 6 points from Inter Milan - and the group will be wide open again


Agree but you think they be full occasionally for big European nights particularly games between teams who have ambitions and are evenly matched.


Red Star about as attractive as Realt Dearg …


Wembley is a disaster to get out of after a match - so can see why people would leave early. i hung around last year in the stadium after the juve game last feb/march and the Queues are still huge. They will shut the tube station and try control the flow of the crowds , but it would be like jones road times 20.


More Napoli Liverpool match I was referring to.


Still, not every day Barca comes to town.

No shame losing to that team Bosco. Some real genuine geniuses in that squad, and that’s leaving out Messi!


Not just last night’s game. The lack of investment from Spurs during the summer must be unsettling for some players. As French captain, Lloris should have been coming into this season on a high but it doesn’t seem to be going that way. The drink driving issue - was that a once-off slip where he was caught or did he just happen to get caught this time around?
For what it’s worth, I hope he stays.



Hmmmm yes … he usually has eight glasses of wine in the afternoon and a little spin home but hadn’t been stopped until this time …


Well, we wouldn’t know - would we?


ah yeah , no shame , they were outclassed but kept going to the end - weve been hammered by crap teams in the past.

Suppose a lot of them are getting trains from wembley into central London , to get out to where ever they live.


Spurs fans are a very subservient lot. Throwing their money at Levy for years and then they make the CL and a few bob and not a penny is spent. Any other club would be up in arms (see Newcastle and they bought players!) but doesn’t seem to be much ambition among the WHL faithful. Top 4, 6 games in CL … sound.


Investment can be looked at two ways - incoming signings or investing in a new stadium, training facility, players lodge at the training facility and the main thing that clubs spend the money on these days wages , so tying players and the manager down on longer more lucrative contracts is more of a sign of investment to me (especially at spurs).

I’ve said it before , you can throw millions away for a signing for the sake of it (Case study A: Sissoko) and it will bring nothing to your team. To be fair we were only linked with Jack Grealish , a championship player who would have been a squad player for the year and 40/50 million down the drain. Now if we signed Grealish he would have played last night because of injury’s , but i’d rather a youth team player got run instead of spending 40/50 million on grealish,

Next summer will be telling - no world cup on , no stadium being built. Few players will be bought - and a few will go.


Newcastle fans are up in arms , cos Ashley doesn’t invest in new players and sells their better players.

Spurs fans can remember Irving Scholar in the 80’s nearly bankrupting the club , Alan sugar coming in then and acting like Ashley. Levy has the club well run , if TV money was to go tomorrow , we wouldn’t be in the shits as other PL clubs would be.