Champions League 2018/19


When can we expect the fascinating report on Lyons’ comeback?


Real Betis stadium is a lovely ground, went to a game there about 15 years ago when in Seville the first time, they generate a good atmosphere, very tight ground. Smallish club, fans really close, and they hate Sevilla of course!


Ospina in goal for Napoli , football is great for giving duds big gigs all the time.


Belter from Rakitic


The ■■■■


This Arthur lad looks like a tidy player.
Or maybe Spurs are making him look good :thinking:



2-1… Kane!


How are Spurs still in this?? Barca could be 4 up!


Will be soon now sissoko is on


The pitch seems to be in bits, never seen wembley like that


But why did Barca bring on Vidal so soon?


Boxing was on last weekend I think


Dortmund 3 up , great to see them motoring again. Top of the bundesliga too.


As a Liverpool fan, Napoli well deserving of their win. No win in three for us now. Huge game v city this weekend.


Nice touch bringing Tomas Vermaelen on at the end… :slight_smile:


Should have been hammered


Hard luck Liverpool. At least Leeds won last night … some consolation …


Liverpool’s main focus this year will be trying to win the league, I’d say they’ll nearly be happy to exit the Champs League fairly early no matter what anyone says.

Spurs seem to have gone backwards. There’s some interesting battles for places in the knockout coming down the line.


True…I’ll gladly let City win Europe if they let Liverpool win the league :wink:


How are they going this year in the Fairs Cup?