Champions League 2018/19


Sure there was only 5 then at most .Are you including Cornet ?


Yeah , he can t decide if he s French or Ivorian. He played for France at underage so I ll claim him. 2 subs are French so that makes 8 French players. I ll claim this one thanks😂




Akhmetov! No its been disallowed.


Wikipedia has a French flag beside cornet , last time I ll trust Wikipedia.


Are you watching v plizen v cska. Of all the matches on …strange lad you are.


City have a free kick in the last few mins on the edge of the box and they let Walker take it :see_no_evil::joy::joy:


That’s the last time they let Micky Arteta look after the team!!!


Vlasic penalty right at the end after another disallowed goal to Zhamletdinov.

Vlasic scores! 2-2 it finishes at Doosan Arena.


Most competitive game of the night it seems plus CSKA have a lot of intriguing young players.


Head like Noel Gallagher


Head like a lego character!


Tomorrow Dub09 :luxembourg: Dudelange vs Milan


Am flying over. Have a big T-shirt with Dude on the front and Lange on the back. Though I had to get your man to remove the r at the end.

C’mon you Dudelangers!


I won’t be able to see it live unfortunately because of Leipzig vs Salzburg but wishing the Luxembourgers good luck.


The Battle of the Red Bulls! I’ll record it on the phone for you.

Meeting the Dudelange Ultras beforehand.


Do they have ultras? You can’t make a joke like that when they probably have the same amount of hardcore fans as Naomh Olaf.


They only use that term to indicate loyalty. The ultra would be more for the toothpaste they use than anything else. Last time I went they were playing their arch rivals and the fans were throwing paper planes at each other.


Fair play to Virgin for giving us the opportunity to view all the games


Unfortunately not the case in the US where bleacherreport now have the rights only showing one live game a day. So I have to watch through a stream or catch up later when the full match is uploaded.