Champions League 2018/19

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Liverpool v porto

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Great draw. A lot can happen but looks on appear like Liverpool v Barca semi final.


and if that’s true Liverpool be away for first leg get barca back to anfield


That would be some occasion and atmosphere…return of Suarez too. Barca aren’t as profilinc as they used to be though…I wouldn’t fear them as much as I used ta. United could have a fighting chance too


don’t forget about coutino


The one team I wanted to avoid over a 2 legged affair would be Man City. I think Pep learned a lot from the defeats last year and plays a lot more compact game against Liverpool.

Have to get over Porto first but definitely the easiest of the draws for the quarters


Ajax v Porto final


So looks like it’s all set up for a Messi v Ronaldo final then :grin::grin:


Spurs to play their home leg against Man City at their new stadium.
Man United’s 1st leg against Barcelona to be played at home, even though Barcelona were drawn out of the hat first. Man Utd and Man City can’t play their home legs (in the same city) on the same night or on consecutive nights.


The UEFA suits would love that


Liverpool home 9th April, away 17th April.


The criteria used to decide which game should be changed was City and Man Us position in the premier, so UTD got changed, not sure it is an advantage playing first leg away anyway


Not champions league but intresting


By the time Messi is 43 he should catch Romario:), 5 of the 7 played in Barcelona.

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Lot of doubts re Pele s final tally. Record keeping and what competitions mattered / played in fairly suspect. Brazilian state championships etc


Contrary to what that person says about all the Brazilian players, Romario appears to have been the latest starter of all the players in that list.


Neymar wouldn’t be anywhere near my top 5


Yeh, and I can’t recall him being feted as having scored hundreds of goals, are they including five-a-sides with yer mates on a weds evening?