Champions League 2018/19


In fairness, it was a serious come-back and freakish ending. There was a context of many players out injured.
I wouldn’t myself compare PSG to Laois, for one thing none of the letters are the same, though you can make the word ‘Pissing’ out of Paris San Germain. And Pistloore as a county town can’t quite compare to La Belle Paris, floating on the Seine like a dweeeam. (Though probably not really Ray from In Bruge’s type of thing.)

So back to the main point, is Ramos as bad as Conor Gormley?


Nah but the like of Lee Keegan or Johnny Cooper would eat Ramos for breakfast


Agreed! :smile:


Come on Juve, can’t stand Atletico


Ronaldo. Unbelievable.


Juventus diving around the place and win a penalty that never was one…he tripped over himself


Ronaldo apparently told his family and friends he’d score a hat trick and goes out and does it


What is that meant to mean, he can score hat tricks whenever he feels like it, but just doesn’t bother his arse:)


What a touch and finish from Mane.


Great result from Liverpool but Bayern have been poor.


Solid performance. Disappointed with Bayern but the German league seems to be slipping down the pecking order.

Messi’s peno was a thing of beauty when a tie is level


All English teams final :thinking:


Great result for Liverpool. Can’t wait for my conference call with my bosses in Munich tomorrow morning…


Last time 4 English clubs made the quarters, Barça beat Lyon in the last 16 and went on to win the treble, just saying :slight_smile:


Big win that for Liverpool, having Klopp was a real advantage there. Bayern are in major transition, players like Hummels are past their best. Filip Lam left a huge hole. Also not sure Kovac is more than a stop-gap for them during transition.
Could be some really tasty Qtr finals…


I thought she was married to Jay-Z…


I thought it was Kanye as Farmer Michael Called her the one with the big yellow hole


Bayern are a aging team. But, you can only beat what’s before you. Bayern were decent enough in the first leg.


I thought Bayern were shocking last night. How much of that was down to Pool pressure, I don’t know, but fellas like Ribery, Neuer, Lewandowski are shadows of their former selves.


What about Ribery’s haircut?

I’d say you would look well with it :sunglasses: