Champions League 2018/19


Is that because The Moster sustained a very unfortunate bad injury after a tangle with Sergio last May? The tangle and injury that reportedly circa 300,000 signatories believed was not just a foul by Ramos but a deliberate attempt to get Salah injured, which they wanted punished severely? Which another camera angle proved was barely even a foul?

I’ve heard of hugely lucky deflections in football leading to goals but that must’ve been the biggest ever deflection that happened when a game was over.


Which they did at least once just a few years ago


Yeh cos Leeds have such a great ownership record…


Good Sméagol has worked wonders for “Uuuniiiited” so far. The Special One’s star continues to fall. The major Manc derby could be some game, especially if ManU get some injured players back. I still think pressure on ManC to reach a Champs Lg final is going to take from them in the league, so Liverpool having kept from losing games and falling more behind will stand to them yet.
Can’t see my prediction of Lpool winning it by 10 coming off though


I despise United and really enjoyed their down fall the last few years since Sir Whiskey Nose left but I think they are on the right road with Solskjaer, he’s a likeable fella and a brilliant man manager and someone highly respected by his peers.


Parents are from Mayo, living in Kildare where JM was born. Trust me, he has much more love for Mayo than he does for his native county.

(Apols for my paranoia infecting your CL tread. As you were ladies.)


Whoahhh there…no it’s because Ramos deliberately got suspended for last nights game in the first leg…arrogant p1rck. On the Salah incident I don’t think their was any intent there.

Now back in your box


I’d share a lot of this … but while the manager is ok it’s very hard to like Young (a massive liability and v ordinary player) and Pogba - a prime example of the modern player.


Some reaction to Man Utd win on twitter from players, ex-players and fans after what was in reality a last 16 tie against perennial bottlers . It’s a bit like the Meath euphoria after beating Kildare last weekend and leading Div 2. Nice to see a wee bit of light at the end of a long dark tunnel I suppose but still a distance to travel.


This euphoria around Ole and United is reminding me of the time Di Matteo took temporary charge at Chelsea and went all the way. I would not be surprised if United went on to win the Champions League, I just hope that Solskjaer is given the job full time and is given more time than Di Matteo was. Although to be fair to United they do tend to give managers more than one full season unless you are David Moyes


Can’t see it at all. Despite the lift Ole has give them the fact remains they have a huge amount of ordinary enough players - Young is awful, Bailly, Fred, McTominay very much unproven, Lukaku didn’t suddenly become world class, Pogba is enigmatic at best and Shaw is limited. They were schooled at OT also.

Nowhere near enough quality to win the CL even though less quality has been needed in recent years.


United aren’t nearly as bad as what they were under Mourinho but I don’t think they are as good as what they are currently, under Solskjaer. Agree that he comes across as a sound and likable bloke. I am not convinced, however, that he is the long term solution but he has probably done enough to warrant a decent shot at it - a full season, at least.

PSG have to be the biggest chokers currently playing top-level club football. Afforded the luxury of being regularly able to rest players due to being miles ahead in their domestic league, the continue to flatter to deceive.

Delighted to hear Neymar’s reaction to the penalty decision, also.

For last night, well done Man Utd and their manager. Much tougher tests lie ahead.


Any they go on about Liverpool fans loosing the run of themselves after a big win…united fans have this pontificating view in everyone else when in fact they are just like everyone else who follows soccer…overreaction in defeat and victory…and nothing wrong with it…that’s sport


God I don’t know. If you ever see me celebrating a win over Laois then shoot me.


why do you say that ?
Is that not a cheap excuse now - or are you the chap that wrote the pundit arena article ?


Oh please - last week I was the other thing from Bellend Horizonte!

No I genuinely think the fact that an ordinary enough RM side won three in a row in recent times shows that the standards have dropped. The Italians haven;t really been at it in the CL in recent times and the Bayerns and Barcas have been a notch below too.


You probably did back in the 00s…didn’t Laois beat ye one year ?


2003 - but I never celebrated!


Good post.

Agree with all of that.

And yeah…was glad that prima donna Neymar was pi**ed off…or scundered as they say here.


Stoichkov sticking the boot into Real