Champions League 2018/19


Delighted for Mourinho. Despite all the stick a lot of that team are his. He brought Pogba there too. All credit to Jose really.


Great win for United. Down 2-0 away. Half the squad out injured. Definite peno. Arm out.
Ole is doing the business. Mourinho my hole…


Joe Molloy on Newstalk jumping for joy…I always knew he must have been a united fan…


The filth have rode their luck . Jammy last min goal in Turin and then tonight. Luck runs out although that little Norwegian scut seems to be a lucky charm. Hope Ajax win the champions league. Always liked Johan Cruyff.


Mayo and man Utd , the bollox :sweat_smile:




Joe Molloy is not from Mayo…think your thinking of the other presenter…Nathan


Never a penalty but f**k it, I’ll take it.


According to our OTB listeners here he’s part of the mayo love in ( he s kildare I think). I m just pulling yer leg…


Go and shite ,don t like you anymore :joy:



Var penalty incident in Porto Roma match in extra time.


Fair play to Pogba in the interview thanking Jose - nice genuine touch.




BBC Radio 5 Live said there it’s the first time all 4 of the smaller clubs have gone through on the same week of the last 16.

Down to Liverpool, Lyon, Athletico and Schalke for the clean sweep.


Think you re going to need a bigger boat.




Great night for the Glazers too who have stuck by United through thin and thin.