Champions League 2018/19


If Pochettino takes over as Manager, it would be easy to see Kane following him. Hard to see Solari keeping his job now, particularly as they’ve sacked guys who have won trophies.


Can see why a player would go to Madrid- but not a manager


Well that worked out well for Ramos :rofl:




I’ve no problem with that. :slight_smile:


Horrible club; I hope they go for Mourinho again.


I always thought them & Fergie would have been a perfect match both are :nauseated_face:


Big Sam ftw


Ferguson was a ■■■■ that I loathed and liked.


Poch innit.


Give it to Giggsy as they say.


Only one man for the Real job


Hot Shot - Par Dew!


Did you see the article Miguel Delaney tweeted earlier today. It’s from a Spanish newspaper. It shows Ramos sitting up in the corporate box last night surrounded by a camera crew. Apparently he had commissioned a documentary about himself and the boys were there filming his reactions to the game… Can’t imagine too much of that footage will make the edit :grinning:


What a total ■■■■.


I’d say Ramos admitting he got booked deliberately was all the motivation that Ajax needed. A real lack of respect for your opponent.


I’d say the price on United dropped considerably following fellow-giant Real Madrid’s exit last night.


PSG going to choke, yet again?


Utd s gear is gack.


Not tonight …