Champions League 2018/19


A lot of made of Liverpool’s long wait for a league title and the pressure, media attendtion etc that comes with it and it’s a valid point (being from Mayo I know) but equally City have zero European history and pedigree and until/if they win a European Cup then there will be pressure there too.


Potential shock in the Bernabeau. Build-up to Ajax’s 2nd goal is brilliant.


Meanwhile George calling Aurier Sissoko the whole time.

Nice love in for Hamilton here among the media luvvies … George included :pensive:


3 times now Aurier is Sissoko


Wouldn’t occur to Tommy that the commentators are probably supplied with all this info.


Great goal , love to see Ajax knock Real out.


I’d cheer for Isis against Real, they’re the season ticket office of football.


Real going out. Not enough evidence to overturn this, surely.


Taking way too long. A disgrace if this is ruled out.


Justice done. Tadic looks a different player to the plodder he was at Southampton.


VAR ridiculous - surprised they didn’t give the decision to RM though - just cos they’re RM. Great goal.


Wow wow wow


Great stuff


Madrid missing Ramos presence as he is good at refereeing games.


Great to see his and RM’s cynicism getting properly punished. At least he will be available for the next round…Oh wait.


I m surprised he didn’t overturn his own suspension. That’s the type of thing he seems to manage to get done.


That result will massage CR7’s ego no end.


The problem is not that CR7 left, the problem is they haven’t bought anyone of note for 3 years. Benzema is there long enough to know he is not going to score 25-30 goals a year and Madrid need a striker capable of doing that, you are never going to replace Ronaldo, but at least get someone that can do a job.


Harry Kane next year do you think?


None of what you say (no matter how much is true) invalidates my previous point. :sunglasses: