Champions League 2018/19


None of the Top 10 have an English manager.


Its incredible that eddie howe hasnt even been considered for a top 6 managers job , Bournemouth have a stadium which holds less than 12000 ,its a miracle that they have survived in the premiership.


We have a ‘stadium’ that only holds 10,000 - it’s a miracle that we’re going for 5 in a row!


Some result for Spurs! Didn’t see that coming.


They finished bottom of their Europa League Group sadly :frowning:


We’ll get over it @Ohm. Long time no hear - hope all is well. Europa League tomorrow night!! :ok_hand:


Best of luck to Liverpool. Bayern way off the pace in Bundesliga - should be handy enough.


Entertaining game so far, despite the lack of goals.
Cracking atmosphere once again, it would seem, at Anfield.


Only 3 pts behind. Brady reckoned the same but Bayern are still a strong side. Hardly underdogs.


Three times in a row Keita passes straight to a Bayern player. Awful.


2nd half somewhat more cagey. I reckon both teams would settle for 0-0 now.


Being fairly poor throughout imo. Littered with errors.


Lewandoski is some pony. There a late goal in Liverpool


Two 0-0 draws … you can’t beat the CL for entertainme :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Happens more often than not…when a game is built up to be a goal feat or entertaining it more often than not falls flat…a boring 0-1 away win for da pool on Sunday will do me fine


Bayern coach is very cagey approach anyway and is under pressure to get results having come in after possibly their most successful ever era and with some great players gone or over the hill. Klopp has gone cautious since the squeeze has come on from Man City.

And Lewandowski has become a bit of a pony.


Never ceases to amaze me that English pundits hype their clubs up. Lescott on BT reckons city would have won the cl last year if they got past Liverpool. Same last night , you think Bayern were a pub team the way some were talking about them. For all their money premier league clubs should be embarrassed about their record in this competition.


Good come back tonight .


Schalke are mediocre in Euro terms but looks like job done already. Some run this lately for MC.
Liverpool have the advantage of Klopp knowing Bayern so well, I think they might still come through. I didn’t think they really cared too much about the CL this season but right now they need wins and momentum.


Probably some chav from London or an Everton fan.