Champions League 2018/19


Tough draw for Liverpool, United will get eaten alive by PSG and a handy one for City. Spurs Dortmund should be cracking games


Good year to get Munich - not as good as previous years
PSG should hammer united
City will get through handy
Spurs Dortmund again - did well to beat them last year - hopefully the same again


Bayern aren’t the force they once were, struggling in Bundusligue too if I recall correctly (without referring to the table!)


Bayern s Form has picked up , nice winter break for the German teams while the English clubs flog themselves up and down their country. Only citeh to progress from the English teams.


Dortmund appear to be much improved though, hopefully you get thrashed! :wink:


Some cracking ties there alright. City got a handy one. Would give United no chance - don’t rate Spurs chances either.


ha ha - good man wouldn’t expect any other good wishes from you.

Dortmund were very good going forward last year but wide open at the back.

Bit of luck the home game will be in the new place and not wembley.


Will UEFA allow a club to use two different venues for home games in the same season?


2nd best defensive record in the Bundesliga this year but still conceding a goal a game - by far the most potent attack though.


yeah they do , you have to nominate a venue and then if it cant be played there a back up option i suppose.

that said , i’m sure patience is very thin at UEFA and more so at the PL level regarding the ground situation.

They had 6K in there yesterday to test a few things out - it went well - need two test events to get the licence to open it - timing wise with Christmas and policing etc - its not going to allow it. The next home game after Man united is an evening game - again police not keen on opening game being at night - so prob be Newcastle in Feb.

Facilities in the the stadium look top class - however based on the few games i’ve been at in wembley , the staff behind the counter are as thick as shit.


for me


Roma to win 2-0
PSG to win 3-1 …


Come on United!


What about fc dudelookslikealady , your favourite Luxembourg team , are they in action this week?


Like Rachel and Ross. On a break.

George Hamilton shuts us up to listen to the anthem …, the fcuking CL anthem :frowning:


With Young as captain they can’t get beaten by enough …


You could see that 2nd Mbappe goal coming. They were pushing on a high press and leaving loads of space behind, with Mbappe and DiMaria there and that pace, madness!


Should be 4/5 and could be yet


Big step up this for Man United.


Tactic change now for Man U if they are to get one back. Lukaku maybe? Different beast than PSG would be used to? At least they stopped the high press!!!