Champions League 2018/19


Open draw after next round


Is Shane C Carthy still with Shakhtar?


I think he did Honours Maths for the leaving !!


Or put another way, Lyon are one of only 5 unbeaten teams in the CL this season


:joy:, i cant remember a team progressing like that before !


I’m not going to get in to this again but I really do think you need to educate yourself on the social issues that happened to Liverpool as a city. Thatcher and Hillsborough are two areas to start with.

There’s a distinction to be made between Liverpool fans from Ireland, which has no doubt formed the basis of your opinion on ‘Liverpool’ and the people from Liverpool.

I’ve plenty of friends who are United and Arsenal fans and while they can be annoying arseholes from time to time, I don’t allow it to taint my view of Manchester or London. I even know a few dopes from Dublin but it doesn’t taint my view of the city either.


I know well my history - do not insult me please.


You don’t clearly, as evidenced in your original ‘Always the victim’ comments.

I’m in too good a mood to debate this any longer, if you feel insulted imagine how insulted a whole city would feel reading your comments.


The whole north of England was decimated by Thatcher especially the remaining industrial heartland such as Yorkshire, Nottingham etc. Yet you feel the need to use it as some kind of excuse for Liverpool people? So be it but I didn’t ask for nor do I want or need any excuses or justifications - nor am I interested in any. I have my own views on most things formed by my own observations and life experiences. I don’t need someone I don’t know telling me how I should think. Your last line is telling. I have no interest in ‘debating’ it further either.


‘You didn’t ask for nor do you want’ but if you put an ill-informed and insensitive comment on a public forum then at least expect it to be challenged.


What ill-informed and insensitive comment are you talking about? Jesus talk about stereotypes …


‘Always the victims’.


Christ how insensitive and ill-informed is that … FFS. :roll_eyes:


No it Shane B Carthy that playing with Shakhtar.


I would have had misgivings about LFC fans in not accepting responsibility considering Heysel was a handful of years before this.

From watching the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on Hillsborough was a real eye opener. if you haven’t watched it - i would say to you watch it and see does it change your view on the whole.

There was a massive massive injustice in the aftermath of Hillsborough - and i genuinely agree that the ‘always the victim - its never your fault’ chant/saying is offensive.


Hillsborough and what went on was shocking and reprehensible and I am delighted that the people finally saw justice. I saw the documentary.

It doesn’t follow that always the victim refers solely to, or to Hillsborough at all.

I do feel extremely sorry for Heysel victims too. It seems to me they are rarely remembered. I really wish that every time Hillsborough is rightly remembered and honoured, that Heysel would be too in the same breath. I think both sets of victims should be remembered equally and when the Hillsborough people speak that they also refer to Heysel.


The difference being people rightly were jailed for their part in the Heysel riot…maybe some others should have gone to jail but I fail to see how the hillsborough families with enough in their plate had a duty to fight for heysel victims.

The hooligan element was cracked down on after the ban and in fact holloganism is more of an issue on the continent today than it is in the I’m when it comes to club game. Also in South America they are nuts and literally kill each other


Who said anything of the sort? I would just like to see them remembered in the same breath that’s all. They were all innocent victims.


The reason the hilsborough victims are remembered more is the campaign for justice by the families and all the media attention that followed in recent years especially. The Bradford city fire was a shocking tragedy but those victims are never mentioned…likewise the ibrox disaster


The sentences handed out for Heysel were an absolute joke and an insult to those who lost their lives in that tragedy and their families.