Champions League 2018/19


Yeah! Junior Moraes

Shakhtar 1 Lyon 0


The Karate Kid?


Juve losing 1 nil atm , looks like they have a decent team out too . Could United still win the group if they pull off a win ?


Its a blizzard in Kiev but Shakhtar lead at the break. They have to win to progress to the last 16


Is there a worse defender in the world than Phil Jones?


Don’t know but they are losing 2-0


Eric Bailly. Kyle Walker

City just butchered an amazing chance …


Look fucked now alright .


Jones makes Bailly look like Franz Beckenbaur.


City v Hoff great entertainment - wide open game.


Fekir has equalised for Lyon


We know you want Shakhtar to win but there’s no need for that language.


Fekir might be in the premier league soon.


Its all over in an extremely snowy Kiev. Shakhtar didn’t create enough late on in the last 20 minutes or so. Lyon are through with 8 points 1 win 5 draws. Very enthralling match though. Shakhtar could make hay in the Europa League. We’ll have to see




No hay if it’s snowing. Lyon took 5 points off City. Spurs had only 8 points, Liverpool only 9. It seems wide open this year tho


Denayer had a good game I thought although he looks like a rugby player tbh.


4 English, 3 German and Spanish, 2 Italian and French, Dutch & Portuguese.

City have 3 chances of drawing a PL club.


City can get, Roma, Schalke, Athletico or Ajax. They cant draw an English club or Lyon


Cheers @bigp - I thought that too but a guy in work today said the draw was open. I should’ve known … he’s a Liverpool supporter …