Champions League 2018/19


I’d actually written this before I went in to the Premier League thread and hey presto there you were again commenting on all things Liverpool in there. :wink:

Liverpool pulling City’s pants down in the CL last year still really stings you.

Who is promoting what isn’t high on my list of priorities to be honest. I didn’t click in to Elliot’s tweet. If you feel strongly about it though I’ll happily get a minute and sign your petition. Fair play to ye.


In fairness the betting thing is insidious and Liverpool are by no means the sole culprits but promoting in-match betting on the official account is wrong IMO.

ps I’m a Leeds fan but love the football City play.


100% agree on the betting side of things. Were tv ads showing in game prices banned or just stopped?


UK betting firms have voluntarily agreed to stop having ads for live betting during games. I think this applies to UK tv only. Not sure about radio. When this commences, again I am not sure. Possibly before the New Year, if not already.


Afaik the betting companies agreed to stop - before they were forced.


Fair enough, thankfully I can take or leave gambling. I have the odd bet and that’s really it. Others unfortunately have serious issues which is terrible but at the same time that doesn’t mean you ban everything a small percentage of people have issues it (drink, smokes etc…)

I thought I saw something the other day saying whistle to whistle gambling ads were to be banned or clubs had agreed not to promote them.

All you posts suggest you’re a big city fan, I think you’re morphing unknown to your own self! … If the style of play is what attracts you to City then surely you’d have a semi for Liverpool too. The style of football there has been fantastic to watch for the last 5/6 years too.


Certainly the last couple of years Liverpool have been very good to watch. They are also stronger in defence now - though Gomez is a big loss especially as I think their biggest problem at the moment is their lack of real quality depth.

It’s the fans that turn me off tbh … most precious fans in the world …


What’s wrong with the Mayo Fans…,:hugs:


Matip has a shoulder injury I think after last night so down to VVD and Lovren at centre back over the Christmas period is not ideal.


Dodgy shoulder injury here too - apparently may have a large chip on mine :wink:


I think that’s what make fans or supporters what they are. They support their own team religiously and more so when others have a go at them. I don’t see how Liverpool fans are any different. Although given past history in Liverpool as a city (when Thatcher tried to ruin the place) and the tragedy at Hillsborough for which the people of the city were disgracefully branded murderers, liars and thieves etc… I can understand why they might be more sensitive or come out fighting quicker than most.

I do it all the time myself and none more so in work when I hear culchie whores mentioning the “per registered player” shite about Dublin’s money.


Please do not seek to ameliorate my deeply held feelings about Liverpool fans - it will not work … those cheeky fun loving scouse chappies.


What are the odds…?


Liverpool (under Rodgers and then Klopp) and City (under Pep) have easily been the best teams to watch in England these last few years. Tottenham making good progress, too, under Poch, in terms of being good to watch.
They would put Man Utd (under Mourinho) to shame.


United are a horrible team to watch - and their brand of football isn’t great either. Hard to think of two or three of them that would make previous teams


I think you have to understand the psyche of Liverpool as a city and the “scoue” people…so often belittled and looked down upon by the rest of the UK…their accent is quiet distinct and it’s that way because of the historical Irish blood there. The “feed the scousers” and “bin dippers” comments from the rest of the uk upon an area that was historically the most deprived in Britain is sad.


I’m from Dublin - I well understand it.


And I’m from mayo…checkmate :wink:


I’m gonna have to call you out on that one Dub09. I think we had a back and forth not too long ago when you said something like “always someone else’s fault” in relation to Liverpool fans or people of the city. To even say that tells you don’t ‘well understand it’. Or maybe you didn’t then but you do now.

If it wasn’t yourself I had that back and forth with and it was someone else, I’ll stand corrected.


No that was likely me - that is my considered view of Liverpool fans. We have many similar traits as a city to Liverpool but I never suggested we behaved or reacted like them.