Champions League 2018/19


What a buy he’s been already


Job done

Was never in doubt that they wouldn’t go through.

Creating plenty of chances and solid at athe back.


Van Dijk too !


What a miss by Milik - really poor. City will break out the credit card and sign Koulibaly - super player. Spurs through too - that’s two handy games for someone in the last 16


Apart from those chances Napoli missed, especially that save at the death, it was a cert.


Phew…Allison worth every penny.


Great night for England.


Apart from that chance at the end Napoli didn’t create a whole lot and never really threaten the goal.

Liverpool are looking very comfortable at the back with Allison and Van Dijk


Wish they would make up their mind. They either want to stay in Europe or get out!


Only took Klopp a couple of seasons to sort out that issue , superb .


Should have been punished for woeful first half distribution - save was more poor effort by Milik than brilliant by Alison


I watch Allison every game and he has made a huge difference to pool this season…again I’ll say he is worth all they spent on him


No he’s good but could easily have been a villain tonight too


I think The forwards would have been the Villians with all those missed chances.


Mane is particular.


Biased commentary on Irish television stations involving English teams in Champions League and Europa League matches is very frustrating.


They are catering for English soccer fans, in fairness.


And Ger Canning

I’d actually pay my TV licence if they got rid of him


I love how much Liverpool doing well eats you up. It’s deadly to watch it play out on a forum.


Whatever. So you agree with them promoting gambling? Sorry wrong thread.

I couldn’t care too much really - like to keep the Scouse lads here on their toes. Don’t like the ‘best fans in the world’ at all though I’ll admit.

As for doing well? It’s only December …