Champions League 2018/19


It was a cold one alright.


Ger Fookin Canning enough said …


Best of luck to Liverpool … :snake:


:rofl::rofl: Is Martin Carney with him?:wink: Forget game was RTE. watching on Virgin Sport.


Hamsik is shocking


Between Canning’s woeful commentary, Whelan’s dreadful bias and Liverpool fans constant whining whenever a clear cut free is given against them, this is hard work …


Ever stand on da hill when a decision is goven against Dublin? :wink: fans are there to make noise


Tuchel seems to have molded PSG into a functioning team, gave Liverpool the runaround.

Juve and Bayern look solid. Napoli too.


Was that a pass by Mo ?


Nah…great goal. Not bad for a one season wonder


Not a hope it was a pass

Threw the keeper the eyes and put it underneath him.

One foot Henderson is muck, Liverpool won’t win anything with him playing.


Albiol, Allan and Hamsik are just woeful.

Stand on the Hill? me? :joy:


Only saw the replay, so yeah I was looking at his eyes when he struck it .


As a chap who has seen Ospina (Napolie goalkeeper) up close a few times, he does stupid things, like diving to expect the cross tonight, then being a game winner with fantastic saves, I can only assume will continue in the vein.


Ger Canning talking out his hole again: Liverpool need to avoid conceding ya dose.


Spurs should have won this well. Danny rose is a mule


Allan is one of the worst players I have seen in the CL.


Looks like the draw will do


Pool should be 5 up…very wasteful…I can barely watch


What a save