Champions League 2018/19


Yep liverpool have to win 1-0 or win by 2 or more if Napoli get an away goal.


Agree 100% re PSG. Breaking FFP rules probably as much as anyone else. Shite in their pants regularly away from home in Europe. Dominating a mediocre domestic league.

Jan Arne Riise is a decent pundit from what I have seen from him so far on BT Sport.


Thank God there’s no diving and chest thumping in the EPL … especially by our own English lads …

Luis Square Eyes used to be a god too … :smirk:


United were in a soft group and won’t go far in knockout. Biggest concern for pool is the possibility of Thursday night football which would damage league form.


PSG won’t win it either…really open this year as real don’t look good.


If that happens I’d say Klopp will treat the competition like the Carabao.


Its not doing arsenal or Chelsea any harm this year.


Pressure is on Klopp and Poch to win something , so don’t think it will fall too far down the pecking order if/when they are in the europa.


And Mourinho will probably be brought in to try and win it for them.


I would say a Top 4 finish is more important than winning the Europa no?


Europa winner gets into Champions League so probably better to win that


Surely much harder to win that than Top 4? Sure Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool will all be in it too - along with some really good European sides.


Financially yes - Doesn’t seem to matter anymore about Top 4 when it hasn’t been as competitive in years for those spots. All the journos and fans harp back on that Klopps won nothing , Poch has won nothing.


You giving Liverpool no chance of progressing to knockout stages?


Sure if you win any of those competitions they laugh at you anyway … EPL and CL only things worth winning.


I think Napoli will score which will make it a big ask. It will be a cauldron and if they hit some kind of last season’s form it’s possible alright. Klopp needs to let them play with a bit more abandon - like last year - and back the top 3 to get the goals (while recognising that conceding is to be avoided!). Go out to win 4-0 rather than 1-0! But midfield has been very pedestrian and static recently.


European night at home and a must win match - we’ve seen it before and with Celtic - they get results that make no sense.


Olympiacos in 2004. 1-0 down at half time and came back to win 3-1


Havent seen a clear fav, City still have to prove themselves in Europe, Barça are going nowhere if they keep coughing up chances, Madrid look poor, but that is nothing new at this stage although they are not going to have CR7 to pull out the stops. PSG have the players but not sure if they have the team. Could be Juves year, would be ironic if they were to win the year Buffon left.They probably look the solidest outfit at the moment


Gerrrrrrrard - I’ll never forget that night