Champions League 2018/19


Said no one ever!!


Neymar, for all of his skill, really is a pox.


Agreed, sublime skills, but a deceitful little pox bottle. Love to see Razor Ruddock come off the bench to flatten him. What?? Boyzone are back and the cranes are in the sky again, are we not back in the 90’s?


He is everything that you can sterotyoe at a modern pro soccer player…a brat


What has Neymar done to upset our righteous Scouse brothers?



And I know a thing ot 2 about that!


I can’t watch that ‘sport’ any more, pack of absolute watery c*nts.


PSG are a really dislikable team. Not staying that cause they beat Liverpool and deserved their win but the diving and chest pumping was over the top.

Liverpool didn’t do near enough tonight. Away form in Europe has been terrible


Away goals rule comes into play in the group stages :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They will need to win and possibly by a couple of goals. Wouldn’t fancy being the Napoli bus driver.


1-0 will do Liverpool. If Napoli score it’s 2 clear goals needed. All setup for another big European night at Anfield.


Edit 1-0 will do - any other 1 goal margin win won’t


BT sport after announcing that 1-0 would do on a count of Napoli conceding a goal tonight…anyway that’s a dangerous game to play…Liverpool will need to go all out


Watery ■■■■■ maybe but Messi s goal tonight still makes me love the sport. I always find more reasons to like the good stuff in a sport that outweighs the stuff to dislike.


Liverpool tactics have to be go 1-0 and wreck the bus. I mean park.


Yeah pool have to win by 2 .


No actually 1-0 will do cos both would have GD+2 then but Liverpool would have scored more.


What a brilliant point for Club Brugge at Dortmund. Despite their poor performances in the league they are now guaranteed European football into the new year.


:+1:. That will teach me for listening to kenny Cunningham on otb.


Maths? Kenny went to Vincent’s …

A mediocre United team through and Liverpool struggling. They need Firminho back from injury.