Champions League 2018/19


I’m sure there was a fair enough reason behind it


Totally nuts the fans down there but this is awesome. Imagine this on the Hill.


That the bloke getting punched was English. Sure that’s good enough reason :joy:


Was at a fair few games in Argentina. Boca v river, Boca v independiente and racing v independiente.
Absolute head the balls the lot of them. But the racing fans were the biggest nutcases. Every time an independiente player was taking a corner two cops had to stand over him with their shields held over him because of projectiles. The game was delayed by 15 minutes. There were loads of lads with boxes of rolls of streamers handing them out. When the teams came out the streamers were chucked out on the pitch. You couldn’t see the pitch. It was pure white with the streamers.
Filthy soccer over there too.


Excellent work by Der Spiegel and Football Leaks. Will be interesting to see how the rest of the media handle this in respect of the ‘pure’ Guardiola.


Second leg in danger of being cancelled. River fans, not content with being the only fans allowed into their own stadium, attacked the Boca team bus. Two Boca players including the captain are in hospital with minor injuries. Boca saying they are unable to play, South American association saying they have to.

Chaos, as expected.


Yeah and 2000 police were deployed. Madness . Apparently it’s a 10.20 ko now. I ll have to watch ray Darcy now. Boca players suffering is minimal compared to mine.


Hahaha sounds brutal. Another bellend from Kildare.

Word is said police fired tear gas at the River fans. Which got on to the Boca bus. Players throwing up etc. Surely they won’t force them to play. Madness.


Play it tomorrow. If it can be postponed 24 hrs due to rain it can be done for this. You wonder how they lost the Falklands with a nation full of lunatics.


Looks like it’s going ahead. Will be serious trouble after you’d think, regardless who wins.


Postponed till tomorrow 9pm our time


Right call made. Only out of fear of further riots I’d say. Tomorrow will be interesting.


Ffs - the best team to ever play in the EPL away to Lyons in what should be a very entertaining game and what do RTE give us? The most fcuking boring and unentertaining team in the planet playing Young Boys. Fellaini, Jones, Fred and listening to fcukin Hamilton. Christ …


RTE panel spend the half time discussing Mourinho looking disappointed at Rashford making a bo**ox of a chance and reading stuff into it that is just horse sh1t. Pathetic.


Yer right very entertaining game and citeh are 2-1 down.




Better than the OT muck …


What was that from Jose :joy:


Probably pissed off they got a late winner as it means he keeps his job for the moment and doesn’t get the big payoff just yet.


De Gea & Fellaini bailing him out again.
They’d be absolutely nowhere without De Gea.
On a plus note , nice to see Sir Alex looking well in the stands .