Champions League 2018/19


So, Ohm is not real? It’s a made up name?


Is Beeko real? What is real? 25 is simply wrong, it’s 28 now but I just refused to grow up


I am unreal.


Were you the Walrus?


He played golf, didn’t he?


Lovely banter :grinning:


Welcome back old pal - it was not pleasant here being @Ohm less.

And just in time for the Europa League too! Please don’t mention Dudelange though. Rodney has insisted they suspend my membership temporarily as they think the form drop is connected to my support.


Was he in Red Rock?


Natives with Colchie parents…thank god for migration to the capital eh :wink:


Big win for united…I never seen so many of their fans come out from under the rock after last nights result…


And in theatre with Waldorf…


Never had you down as a Leeds fan…


I’ve asked already, I guess I will again.



The South American version, Copa Libertadores, is on free sports tomorrow night channel 429 on sky Boca Juniors v river plate , 1st leg. Be worth watching for the shenanigans of the fans alone.


Should be great alright. Don’t think away fans are allowed though so might be tamer than we’d hope.


Yeah you are correct , pity but apparently some real fear of violence and deaths if they allowed away fans. Spacers the lot of them.


Yeah, lunatics. Often people killed in the league fixtures so with so much at stake you can see why. Pity.


There s a book about Argentinian football by Jonathan Wilson , angels with dirty faces it’s called. It has a photo from the England Argentina quarter final at the 86 World Cup. Shows an Argie punching the head off an English fan. The argie is now the chairman of one of their big first division clubs . It’s not boca or river plate one of the other ones . If they are the lads in power imagine what the ultras are like.


There’s an even better photo from that World Cup of an Argie player punching above the head of an English goalie …


Was it not the hand of god doing that?